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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sunday Seven!

Today's meme highlights a 7-sentence snippet from your novel. In comments, share seven enticing sentences to make us hungry for more. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Erin OQuinn said...

Two gay erotic novellas, soon to be three. This is a 7-sentence snippet from the one I'm working on (RED, RED ROSE). Burns is a professor; the pov speaker Thomas is a detective with Police Scotland:

Burns reached out a hand and traced the downy stubble just beginning to darken on his unshaven face.

“Very delectable, Thomas. Och, I could test that beard. On my tongue and on the inside of my thighs.”

He quickly swallowed the last few sips of his whiskey and began to cough. When Rod had said “lickable,” he’d been instantly repelled. But now, the same thought in the mouth of Burns sent a million volts to his cock and a tremor to his hands.

The novellas are here:

Lainey said...

Souds good and now need to check it out. Thanks for the blurb.

Kayelle Allen said...

Here's a sweet one. I loved writing this book.
"Why don't we has a real tree for Chribmas?"
"Why don't we 'have'," she corrected. "Come sit by me." Dara patted the couch and tucked her chenille robe closer around her.
One arm around Matilda, her cloth doll, Christine climbed up beside her mother and cuddled.
"Remember when Daddy went home to heaven before Christmas last year?"
Christine knuckled her eyes and yawned. "I 'member."
A Romance for Christmas a sweet contemporary feel-good holiday romance

Barbara White Daille said...

From book 3 in The Hitching Post Hotel series, The Lawman's Christmas Proposal, by Barbara White Daille.

My hero has just returned to his hometown, where he has encountered the local matchmaker, grandpa Jed Garland:

“We’ll be all set whenever you’re ready for our services,” Jed told him.

“For a wedding?” Laughing, he shook his head. “Thanks, but I’m not the type to settle down.”

“That’s not what you once said about staying in Cowboy Creek, though, is it? You’d always planned to follow in your dad and granddad’s footsteps and join the sheriff’s department—yet you went and became a big-city policeman.”

“Yeah. I’m a big-time LA cop,” Mitch said with a hint of bitterness backed by the knowledge of how drastically his plans had changed.

Amazon link: A Rancher of Her Own

Author website:

Thanks for the chance to share here, EQ authors!

Melissa McClone said...

Mistletoe Wedding, one of eight holiday romances in A Montana Born Christmas boxed set available for 99¢:

She turned to see him standing outside his office. “Need something?”


Her heart bumped. A stupid reaction.

So what if she knew from watching his interactions with guests, staff and animals that Ty was dedicated, hardworking and caring? Brooklyn was her priority, not some cowboy whose killer smile, warm eyes and chiseled features made Meg’s tummy tingle.

Amazon link:
Author website:

Donna Cummings said...

From BAD EX KARMA, part of the EAT PLAY LOVE contemporary romance box set:

I heard him moving around in the kitchen, and then it sounded like he was opening and shutting cupboards. The next thing I knew—

"Are you making popcorn?"

"I am."

In a few minutes Jonathan returned with a giant bowl of salted buttery heaven and settled himself next to me.

I couldn't keep from grinning. "Looks like foreplay has changed a lot in the past five years."


Erin OQuinn said...

Thanks for tuning in, Lainey. :)

Gemma Juliana said...

Excerpt from Riviera Rendezvous, a novelette in the .99 boxed set Entice Me

“I’m driving to the French Riviera today for a family wedding. My sister, Sophia, is marrying her true love tomorrow. I need a date.”

“What?” Amalie almost choked on a prawn as heat flared in her cheeks. Why would a hot guy like Xandros need to ask a woman he hardly knew to be his date?

“My uncle is playing matchmaker, trying hard to make me marry a woman I have no interest in. If I arrive with a date, there’s not much he can do.”

Sharleen Scott said...

contemporary fiction
by Sharleen Scott

August 1961
It’s been a week since I’ve seen him. He doesn’t come into the store anymore and I know I’m the reason. He’s being gallant and staying away from me, and I’ve never known such misery. He said the guilt would eat at me until I exploded but it isn’t guilt eating at me, it’s longing for a man I can’t have. Is it possible to love my husband while wanting another man? My thoughts drift to him constantly…

Caroline Warfield said...

From DANGEROUS WEAKNESS, Historical, Regency Era, this event takes place on an Island off Algiers

“You two go back to fetch the gold. Demand to take Lily with you. He won’t let us both go without payment, but he might send her.”
A slight smile played on his brother-in-law’s mouth. “Your wife, Richard? And from appearances, in an interesting condition.”
“As good as, Andrew, and don’t say differently. She’s about to birth that baby any day now. I need to get her out of here.”
Will looked over Richard’s shoulder. “Our host looks impatient. Let’s get this over with.” The three men turned back to Hamidou. “Nice suit, by the way,” Will put in, looking at Richard’s tattered robe.
“Get us out of here and you may tease me the rest of your days.”
“I plan to.” Will’s grin passed quickly. He approached Hamidou.


Jude Knight said...

This is from Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem, the Bluestocking Belles' collection of 7 novellas. Mine is Gingerbread Bride.

The post boy is gone, and the horses are bolting,” Mary told Polly. “Stay in your corner and hold on tight. And pray that they run themselves out before we reach a bend in the road.”

Following her own advice meant she couldn’t see whether the glimpse she’d caught was a rider. Someone riding to their aid would be wonderful, but unlikely. Might as well wish for Rick to save her once again.

Polly, to her credit, didn’t panic, just held on grimly, her face white and her lips moving—whether in prayer or cursing, Mary couldn’t tell. Mary was praying. This was no time to annoy God!