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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday Review!

Choose the best one-liner from a review (a single sentence) and share in comments. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Stacy Juba said...

Fooling Around with Cinderella was certainly a guilty pleasure read for me and I highly recommend it. Juniper Grove

Kathy L Wheeler said...

The Price of Scorn: Cinderella's Evil Stepmother by Kae Elle Wheeler

The Brother's Grimm would be so proud to know their evil step mother creation from Cinderella has finally found her history revealed!

Kathy L Wheeler said...

love it!

Jannine Gallant said...

Every Move She Makes by Jannine Gallant

“Check all the windows and doors before you go to bed because the relentless, obsessive stalker in Every Move She Makes will have you looking over your shoulder long after the lights go out.”—Nancy Bush, New York Times bestselling author

Bonnie Phelps said...

"It’s the kind of book you want to settle in with an hour before bed so that you go off to dreamland with a smile and look forward to picking up the book again the next day."

Helen Pollard said...

"This book grabbed me and kept me captivated until the very last line."

From Anniek at Librarian Lavender regarding WARM HEARTS IN WINTER.

Currently on sale for only 0.99 at Amazon and B & N.


LindaRae said...

"Be prepared to be swept away by this delightful historical romance!" InD'tale Magazine, November 21015 about THE PASSION OF A MARQUESS by Linda Rae Sande. Kindle
Linda Rae's website

bluemistlizzi said...

A Long Trail Rolling
Lizzi Tremayne

Lizzi Tremayne obviously knows what she is talking about, her extensive research and knowledge make this almost like reading an exciting documentary – except that the characters are so well drawn the reader can’t help but relate to them and suffer with them on their journey, especially Alex herself.

Lizzi Tremayne's Website
Amazon Author Page
See your purchasing options here!
Thank you, Exquisite Quills!

Lizzi Tremayne

Ayla Ruse said...

"THE DECIDING FACTOR is a fun, thought provoking story that brings to mind the question - what would you do?"

Ayla Ruse said...

"Great little Christmas story...I look at elfs a whole different way now!"


Barb Caffrey said...

"From the concepts in the novel to the author's unique and elegant writing style, everything about it contributed to build an enchanting world full of finely crafted characters, dark menace and promises of hope and love."


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