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Friday, January 29, 2016

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination. In comments, tempt us with the first five lines of any chapter.

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Barbara White Daille said...

Unable to stop herself, Sarah stared as Tanner climbed out of the front seat of the pickup truck, all legs and hips and tanned, muscled skin in washed-out jeans and a tight hunter-green T-shirt. He stood spread-legged in front of them, his thumbs hooked in his belt loops.

Probably felt underdressed without his gunbelt and badge.

But, oh, the man looked good! And, out of uniform, threatening in a whole new way.

The Sheriff's Son by Barbara White Daille

My first book, reissuing February 1 in a larger print and e-book version, exclusively from Harlequin. Also still available in the original e-book version at major e-tailers, including Amazon.

The Sheriff’s Son-Harlequin

Amazon Author Page

Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday!

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Casi McLean said...

“The longer she stays in a coma—”
“Stop. Please, don’t say it.” Piper’s voice echoed around me. “She has to wake up.”
“Piper, I’m here.” I called to her, and yet I couldn’t have.

Above I've shared the first lines of a chapter in my new release:

Beneath The Lake

Thank you for reading my excerpt.

Casi McLean Website

Margo Bond Collins said...

Opposing the Cowboy by Margo Bond Collins

What an ass-hat.

LeeAnn Walker pushed herself up onto her hands and
feet, leaning into downward dog until she felt the stretch
across the backs of her calves. She tried to concentrate on
perfecting the pose in an attempt to push the memory of the
previous night’s teary phone call out of her mind.

I can’t believe Darrell cheated on me.


Glenn Maynard said...

First five sentences from a chapter of my novel, Desert Son…
Darkness swirled around Carter. He snuck another glimpse at his
body below. Instead of sympathy, he felt a dose of blissfulness
injected into him. Even though a commotion muddied the scene,
Carter focused on how wonderful he felt, how carefree, and he
hadn’t remembered feeling this way in all of his time below.
He felt the zero gravity that had detracted him from his body,
but contentment resisted his fight to stay.

June said...

“Is he alive?” The boy stares at Mutt.
The ragged dog lies still, his legs hanging over my arms. I can’t tell but refuse to believe he has died.
“Yes,” I say. Why does the gray-eyed Teller boy want to know? If he expects to do something to Mutt, I will fight to keep him. I straighten my back. Still my breaths. This boy has watched me walking to the stadium and back. He knew when the Guards took me and must have learned the verdict of my crime of having two friends.
This is from JUST ONE FRIEND
My website:

G. D. Ogan said...

First five sentences from a chapter in my novel, Immortal Relations Coming Out:
"The next day, about noon, I received a thought from Vladimir, Gary, I've already communicated with Vlad and Grandmother and they both said you needed to be made aware of what is going on. You were also my first pick to help us when I heard of the potential catastrophic event heading our way that I'm about to disclose.
I replied, Thanks for the vote of confidence; please tell me what is happening.
Vladimir thought, The asteroid Ceres, which is 600 miles in diameter and which is called by some a dwarf planet due to a surface area equal to India has had it's orbit disturbed, perhaps by contact with another asteroid. Whatever caused the disruption, it is now heading toward the inner planets. Preliminary analysis of its trajectory places it heading for a spot which will cross Earth's orbit."

A Thirsty Mind said...

STONE FALL, Book Three in the High Tide Suspense Series by Min Edwards

“Chief, there’s a Ms. Sandra Hastings here to see you. She says she’s a lawyer from New York. Is someone in trouble?” Nancy babbled excitedly through the intercom. She probably hoped a crime spree was descending upon Stone Bay, and she could use all the skills she’d been learning from her online criminal justice course. And what was he going to do if she ever finished her studies? He couldn’t set her loose on the folks of Stone Bay. The paperwork for her arrests would be mountainous.

Available 22-February, 2016


Stacy Juba said...

Fooling Around With Cinderella by Stacy Juba
Jaine stared at Dylan to gauge whether he was kidding. Oh God, he wasn’t kidding. As he lowered his hand, tightness lodged in the pit of her stomach. “Cinderella?”
“Since you’ve been coming here for so long, you must realize Cinderella is our centerpiece character. She sits on her throne all day, posing for pictures. She leads story times in the castle and appears during our weekend Meet and Greet Fireworks Gala.”
“What happened to the regular Cinderella?”

J Q Rose said...

First lines from Chapter 8-- Deadly Undertaking by J.Q. Rose

“Ethel looks so much better now she’s dead instead of when she was alive,” Norma whispered to Lauren. “Well, you know what I mean. She was so sick at the end of her life.” Lauren knew exactly what she meant. She had heard the statement many times at visitations.
“Your dad sure knows how to fix ‘em up," Norma said.

Mystery/Romance/Paranormal--Deadly Undertaking
Amazon US

Connect with J.Q. Rose online at

Thanks for the opportunity to share a bit of my ebook on EQ!

Bonnie Phelps said...

Her hand trembled as she tried to fit the key into the lock. Zach’s lips nibbled the nape of her neck. His arms circled her waist. One hand helped steady her hand and the key slipped into place. The knob turned, the door opened, they stepped inside. He turned her in his arms so she faced him. Feather-light kisses dusted her forehead, lingered at her temple and slowly slid down her cheek like sweet tears of happiness before settling on her mouth like a ravishing tiger.

Barnes & Noble

Rachel Leigh Smith said...

From chapter one of My Name Is A'yen, which is currently FREE!

Three hundred sixty-six days and the images continued to haunt him. His screams and cries. Master’s whispered final words to not lose himself, no matter what.
Damn humans. Taking the one person he loved above all others and locking him in this hell called holding. Fitting, really, since A’yen Mesu’s entire life had been put on hold when the enforcers dragged him away. Loks Mé. Less than human. An alien.

My website
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Ellie Gray said...

St. John paused in the open doorway to the orangery, a room he had not entered in years. He was aware of an odd feeling constricting his chest, something akin to sadness at the realisation that he was only standing here as a result of Kiya's insistence and refusal to listen to him when he would have denied her permission to renovate the orangery. Once again, his eyes had been opened to the fact that he had allowed his version of the world to become just four rooms, dreadfully neglecting his home.

My debut novel, Beauty and the Recluse, is due for release on 12th February and is now available for pre-order.

Thanks for reading my excerpt!

Ellie Gray said...

That's a very tempting excerpt, Bonnie! Love it.

Ellie Gray said...

Great excerpt, J.Q - makes me want to read more... :)

Ellie Gray said...

I enjoyed this excerpt, Min - had me smiling :)

Sandra Kyle said...

From Chapter One of The Sun King

I found it was the marble that fascinated me. The alabaster veins winding their way through the rich burgundy. I reminisced about quiet moments that provided glimpses of polished beauty. Stolen seconds in the hall of another’s home as my mother kneeled, scrubbing away at the floor. I was ever mindful of her warnings as I crept and investigated the world of the nobility at the age of eight.

The Sun King

Sandra Kyle

Hope the links work. Thanks for reading!

Sandra Kyle said...

Tanner sounds yummy :-)

Nan O'Berry said...

Chapter One of Cupid's Beau....
Desiree Warren pushed through the doors of the shop in a hurry to get away from the
sharp wind that ushered in the beginning of the second month of the year. Huffing, she
pulled the woolen cap from her head heralded by the snap and crackle of static electricity.
"God, I'll be so glad to have the weather get warmer, so I don't have to wear this hat," she
grumbled and stuffed it into the over-sized bag hanging from her shoulder.

To read more or purchase you copy of Cupid's Beau, please use the link below.

Janice Croom said...

Chapter One of Build a Mate

"I want my face back."
The lead in Homer's mechanical pencil snapped. He shoved aside the yellow legal pad, its pages filled with notes for XM-14's field tests. "Can't you see I'm—" Staring at the XM-14. In the flesh. He blinked. Confused by what couldn't possibly be, yet was.

Build a Mate Available on Amazon
Janice Croom web site

Kate Hill said...

Sudsy returned to Bloody or Nothing at dawn. He'd had a disturbing night that began with finding a murdered man and woman in an alley not far from his hotel. Nearby, written in blood, was another message about a new reign. This message also mentioned a Creator of a savage bloodline. The implication couldn't be missed, at least not by a vampire.
Chapter Five of Bloody or Nothing: Sudsy

Donna Cummings said...


It was the first time we hadn't had good sex.

In fact, it wasn't just "not good". It was bad.

I never would have predicted our anniversary would start out so weird, with us fumbling around like strangers and then just giving up, exhausted, before it got completely embarrassing. Bradley had dashed into the shower to get ready for work, while I stared up at the bedroom ceiling, wondering what the hell had just happened.



Cara Marsi said...

From Her Red Riding Hood Valentine (Snow Globe Magic Book 3) available for pre-order now.

“That’s the woman I’m going to marry.”
Carlyn stopped in the middle of smoothing her green satin gown over her hips and jerked her attention toward the rich, velvety masculine voice a few feet away. Her gaze collided with dark brown eyes that glittered with amusement. The owner of the eyes smiled at her and winked.

Reggi Allder said...

Her Country Heart by Reggi Allder
Chapter 19
It had felt right to let Wyatt hold her. But her rational brain said it was wrong. How could she love a man, who in the name of helping her, wanted to sell her legacy and destroy her dream of self-reliance and financial security?
Amazon Author Page

L.M. Brown said...

From Between Heaven & Hell

The Underworld was the same dark and gloomy place it had been the last time Alastor had been there. Had it really been only a few months ago? So much had happened since his release from torture duty. The screams of tortured souls echoed through the caverns, a reminder of what might be in store for him if he made the wrong move - never-ending torment. After spending centuries in Hell he had no intention of returning there without a damn good fight.

Amazon -
Website/Blog -

Iris B said...


“Marky, darlin’, we have to break up,” she said by way of answering the phone, hoping he’d get the hint that she was still embarrassed about her actions the previous night and not ready to face him, yet.
A bark of laughter echoed through the phone, and Sarah disconnected the call instantly.
The phone buzzed a couple more times, but she ignored it and devoured more of the cake in front of the TV. Breakfast television was always entertaining, but today the news of other people’s misery made her even more melancholic, and she changed over to the kids’ channel.