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Friday, January 15, 2016

First Lines Friday

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination. In comments, tempt us with the first five lines of any chapter.

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Anne Stenhouse said...

“I trust, ma’am, you will not scream.” Beyond the bed, a male voice spoke from the shadows at the far end of the room. Bella screamed lustily. Her novel fell to the floor, and when she threw back her head to take a breath for another scream, a large hand clamped over her mouth, stifling her yells into barely audible squawking.

Opening of Bella's Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse
Amazon Author Page

Lorna Peel said...

Charlie was so surprised he forgot to salute the CO. What was Kate doing in the CO’s office? Her face was grey, her uniform covered in dust, and there was her suitcase. He began to feel very uncomfortable. The door closed after the CO and Kate began shaking. Charlie reached for her hands. They were freezing cold.

Opening lines of Chapter Ten of Into The Unknown by Lorna Peel


Decadent Kane said...

The demonic engravings seared her flesh, binding Haven to the one male she despised most: Desiderus. She clenched her jaw, holding back the tears threatening to tumble with the pulse of the mark's burn. The demon's lips quirked up, Haven swallowed the urge to punch him, knocking the grin from his lovely face, and concentrated on calming herself with sure deep breaths. She'd been attracted to the demon from the start of their...adventure, but she hadn't anticipated being bound to the man in such a final matter. He owned her.

Opening lines of Impure Bargains by Decadent Kane


Jo Grafford said...

It was a trap. Branwyn O'Tyre was no fool. Why else would her half-brother -- the new bishop of Exeter -- insist on meeting her at such a remote location in the middle of the night? He claimed to be in desperate need of a healing. But a mere fortnight ago, he'd warned her to cease practicing her craft at once or risk being arrested for witchcraft.

Opening lines from Viking for Hire
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Happy reading! --Jo

Anita Philmar said...

A brewing adventure to win his ultimate prize.
The phrase pulsed through Jack Avery’s system like an incantation. His stomach, a cauldron of excitement, bubbled with nerves. Glancing briefly at the butler by the thick oak door, he shrugged his cloak off and handed it to the man. The timid butler laid Jack’s coat over his arm and bowed in an elegant dip of subservience.

Banished Scoundrel - shapeshifter parnormal romance.
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Have a wonderful friday,


Margo Bond Collins said...

Opposing the Cowboy by Margo Bond Collins

What an ass-hat.

LeeAnn Walker pushed herself up onto her hands and
feet, leaning into downward dog until she felt the stretch
across the backs of her calves. She tried to concentrate on
perfecting the pose in an attempt to push the memory of the
previous night’s teary phone call out of her mind.

I can’t believe Darrell cheated on me.


Marie Higgins said...

If not for the chills rushing over her skin and multiplying quickly, Taylor Mitchell would think today’s stroll in the park was like any other day with her daughter. A soft, autumn wind blew through the trees and stirred a lock of hair against Taylor’s cheek as if to soothe her.
It didn’t.
Instead, fear pumped through her like a disease, cold and impetuous. She sucked in a quick breath.

IN THE ARMS OF DANGER by Marie Higgins (Romantic Suspense)
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website/blog -

Claire Gem said...

Hearts Unloched by Claire Gem

Kate Bardach snugged the collar of her Burberry raincoat tighter around her neck and dipped into the side pocket, lifting out her compact binoculars. Excitement balled in her chest like a tightly wound bee's nest, since the next three minutes annually set the tone of her entire year. Seconds later, the buzzer sounded and the announcer's voice echoed in the empty grandstands—And they're off.
Kate knew this opening day, on a weekday, a few days before Passover, she'd likely be alone in the stands. The first of April, no less.

Coming soon!

Claire Gem Website

Helen Roark Romance said...

Kit watched as Dirk dropped to his knees and her heart melted. She realized she loved this man, what she had with Sam was a mere shadow to the light Dirk filled her heart with. How could she not know, how could she have thought what she felt
for Sam was love. She reached over and ran her hand through his silky hair. He sat unmoving waiting for her next command, for her next touch her next caress.

Helen Roark romance website

Barbara White Daille said...

As she crossed the yard to the barn, Andi could almost feel Mitch’s gaze on her back. She could definitely still feel the warmth filling her from the touch of his hand against her cheek. In that one all-too-brief moment, she had changed into a teen again, and he had become the boy she loved. In his eyes in that moment, she saw the boy who loved her, too.

But their teenagers-in-lust days were long over.

The Lawman's Christmas Proposal by Barbara White Daille

Short Contemporary Romance

The Lawman’s Christmas Proposal

Thanks, EQ, and Happy Friday, all!

Kryssie Fortune said...

Viola backed off until the dungeon’s wall blocked her retreat. Suddenly nervous, she thought maybe she’d misunderstood. “Tansy, you did just suggest I have sex? It’s just that I’m not experienced. I mean, like I said, I never…”

From To Seduce an Omega.
Release date 19th January, 2016

Check it out on the Loose ID website

Georgie Lee said...

'Marry you?' Helena Gammon sat back from Justin Connor, her ungloved hand stilling on his chest beneath his shirt.


L.M. Brown said...

Alastor left Tristan sleeping and padded downstairs to the kitchen. He didn’t know why he was surprised to see Mac sitting at the table.
“Don’t you believe in knocking?” he asked as he filled up the kettle at the sink.
“You gave quite a performance last night,” Mac replied. “Was it for my benefit?”

From Between Heaven & Hell (start ch 3)
Available now:

Janice Croom said...

"I want my face back."
The lead in Homer's mechanical pencil snapped. He shoved aside the yellow legal pad, its pages filled with notes for XM-14's field tests. "Can't you see I'm—"
Staring at the XM-14. In the flesh. Standing on the other side of his drafting table. He blinked. Confused by what couldn't possibly be, yet was.

Can a brother from another planet find love?
Build a Mate: A Holiday With Love Novella
Build a Mate Available on Amazon
Janice Croom web site

Bonnie Phelps said...

“Don’t do it, Ash,” warned Lauren Royall, latching onto her friend’s wrist. “That lower than pond scum, piece of cow shit, isn’t worth it. Think about it. For one small moment of satisfaction, the jerk could take you to court and sue you for damages. Do you really want to pay for a new paint job on this hunk of junk?”
My Rodeo Man (Chapter One)by Bonnie Phelps
Available through It's In The Story Website

Casi McLean said...

A final thud hurled him backward, flailing through brush and thickets like a rag doll. Grasping at anything to break momentum, Rob’s hand clung to a branch wedged into the face of the precipice. Spiny splinters sliced his skin. Blood oozed and trickled into his palms, and one by one, his fingers slowly slipped.
A sharp crack echoed through the silence of the ravine as the bough succumbed to his weight.

From: Beneath The Lake
Amazon Link:

itlnbrt said...

My heart raced, and my breaths came in short pants while I stood against Mrs. Lawson’s house. I did not want to be found, so I pressed my small hands flat against my chest to hold back the fear and excitement.
While I calmed myself against the gray, vinyl siding, I paid attention to my surroundings. The scent of lilac and jasmine was overpowering in the heavy, hot air. There was no breeze from the nearby ocean, thus no relief from the heat wave.

From My Mr. Manny by Jennifer Garcia

My Mr. Manny on Amazon - Buy Link
Jennifer Garcia, Author Blog

T.F. Walsh said...

Damn bear. Leaving footprints on the outskirts of the forest, winding around the apartment blocks, and scaring locals for the past week. No wonder the cops had threatened to shoot him on sight today.
Sunrise wasn’t far away; neither was my transformation from wolf into human, so I had to hurry. Romania’s morning breeze wove through my fur, and the distinct dried- clover-and-grass scent screamed bear.

From Cloaked by TF Walsh

Stephanie Burkhart said...

Ivánstan whirled around and thrust his sword into the wyldebeast. His pulse thundered under his skin. Sweat beaded on his temple. With a jerk, he withdrew the blade and the creature stumbled forward, collapsing on its side. A foul stench from the beast filled the air -- copper and sulfur. Ivánstan steeled his spine and toughened his resolve, running his gaze over the creature and studying it.

The Green Rose: Amazon Buy Link: