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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Stellar Reviews

We all know great reviews validate the story crafting we do. Single sentence reviews can say a lot, but sometimes we'd like to share more. That's exactly what this Tuesday meme is all about. In comments, share up to 200 words from a terrific review. It doesn't matter how much time has passed. All reviews are new to someone. 

Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun! 

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Claire Gem said...

From Miami Book & Film Fan on Phantom Traces by Claire Gem:

I wasn't sure what to expect from this, but I have only high praise for this wonderful novel about a young woman who takes a job in a small town running a library that is caught up in a battle for its own continued existence. A library with history, and a ghost! Abigail Stryker has her work cut out for her, dealing with those who seem determined to destroy the library…and her…and coping with the attention of an ally, Prof. Jack Wood, who awakens emotions in her that are both exciting and frightening. Abby has a ghost of a different sort from her own past to deal with. So does Jack. The writing throughout is extraordinarily good, evocatively creating the settings and characters in a way that makes them totally real and believable. Abby and Jack will tug at your heart and get under your skin. There are layers of mystery about everything in this story, revealed one by one, that surprise and delight and make complete sense. Lovers of romance, whether human or ghostly, will not be disappointed. I highly recommend this book.

Amazon Author Page
Claire Gem Website

Stephanie G said...

From The Beachcombers

This is an entertaining, fast-paced, suspenseful, romantic mystery with great characters, action and adventure on Martha's Vineyard. I couldn't put the book down or turn the pages fast enough to see what would happen next. I enjoyed the chemistry, interaction and witty banter of Shana George and Dane Blaise and look forward to reading more in the Beachcomber Investigations series.

Buy at Amazon

Stephanie Queen

Jacqueline Seewald said...

Excerpt from review for my brand new Western romance

Historical Novel Society

“The Killing Land is set in the Arizona territory in the 1880s, and opens with an intriguing hook that snags the reader’s attention quickly… Seewald does a fine job with character development, including with her secondary characters. Several are intriguing and complex... The plot itself is quite detailed as well…She does well with some of the state history, such as the Tewksbury and Graham clan feud. Fans of western romance should be pleased with this novel.”

Lissa Trevor said...

Thanks for the opportunity!

"An unputdownable, laugh-out-loud read, Life's a Beach is filled with humor and heart."--New York Times bestselling author Cherry Adair

"I can't remember the last book that made me smile this much. Jamie Schmidt is ridiculously talented--she does fun and flirty every bit as well as she does hot and sexy, with just right amount of emotional punch."--USA Today bestselling author Lauren Layne

Life's a Beach by USA Today Bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt

Allie said...

For Sean's Sweetheart:

Talia is a strong-willed heroine who realizes she needs to get out of a bad situation, and Sean is her escape. Most definitely not your knight in shining armor type, Sean is a powerful force in his own right. I enjoyed the great chemistry between these two.
Talia's family is a hoot and adds a genuine feel to the story. Sean's Sweetheart has it all: Small town romance, humor, and a quaint mystery with a twist! Highly recommended read.

Nicci Carrera said...

For Love Caters All:

I really liked this romance, once I started reading it, I could not put it down. I love everything about this novel but in particular the setting: Lobster Cove seem to be the ideal place to spend a nice quiet and relaxing holiday
Rick Nordan is very stressed by his work: is a successful businessman but really needs to cut loose from everything. His doctor advised him to rent a holiday home in Lobster Cove, a relaxing town in Maine. He will have to stay there for two weeks and absolutely without any electronic device. What he doesn't know is that Maya Cruz and her mother Pilar, the family landlady, will live with him, Right now he feels attracted to Maya and tries to conquer her in every way. But Maya is a wounded woman: a boy had made her fall in love and then he was gone leaving her with a broken heart and is determined to not suffer so again. But how to resist such a sexy man like Rick?
I really loved Maya. I thought she was such a great character! Maya is sweet but also impertinent, is very responsible and really attached to her family: after her father's death she tried to be the new benchmark for all and works hard to help her mother and her sisters. She's also a girl very insecure: she's afraid that the beauty of her twins fascinate Rick and he doesn't feel more attracted to her. Rick is rich, glamorous and sexy but also a humble person. It was great to see the initial attraction between Maya and Rick and their reactions: their first encounters are so fun.
It 's a quick and likeable read, but sweet, romantic and fun.
I recommend it as a beach reading and those who love romance and books set in picturesque little town.

Dr. Howard Fero said...

Lead Me Out to the Ballgame: Stories and Strategies to Develop Major League Leadership

This book is a must read for anyone interested in getting insights into proven leadership skills. While Drs. Fero and Herman focus on baseball as the venue to share these great strategies, the lessons really apply to any field and profession. The collection of stories and examples from the players, managers and leaders interviewed serve as a solid foundation for building a strong team. Well written and unique, this is a great resource for anyone's library! - SJM (Amazon Review)

Lead Me Out to the Ballgame
The Leadership Doc

Anne Carrole said...


Out of my vast kindle library repertoire I really don’t have any western romances on there. Now it’s not to say that I don’t like them or it isn’t in my usually genre I read I don’t really have a particular genre since I pretty much read everything. This book just intrigued me making me select it for the kindle scout program and I am glad that I selected it because it really is quite good! The book had a pretty exciting plot with crazy twists, wonderful major/minor characters that I really want to know more about and quite knowledgeable facts about the rodeo lifestyle that kept me entrenched and interested in the story... Rosalyn-Amazon Review

Available at Amazon

Anne Carrole's Website

Saralee said...

Here's a great tribute for my sexy paranormal comedy, SOMETHING IN THE COFFEE by Rose Maybud. And it's free starting tomorrow.

“Ms. Maybud has a marvelous sense of humor…Some of the match-ups are pretty hilarious. Why don’t you get a copy and see if it makes you laugh out loud? It sure did me!”
– Long and Short Romance Reviews

Buy link (or free 2/10-14)

Helen Pollard said...

For HOLDING BACK, only 0.99 till 19th Feb!

"The most enchantingly romantic book I’ve read in a very long time . . . Laura and Daniel could be like any “almost” couple who miss a lifetime together by an inch. That must happen in life, as it does in coastal Portugal, where the almost-lovers have been thrown together by circumstances, but remain blind to the truth in front of their faces. They hold back their feelings, hold in words they need to say, hold back their hearts. Readers take in this story about nothing but holding back, and they wait, and hope, and suffer along with Laura and Daniel. It is exquisite torture and it feels every inch natural and true, as do this couple who are not perfect, but are perfect for each other . . . If you want to believe again in the magic of love, just settle in and let Ms. Pollard lead you to Laura and Daniel’s hard won happily-ever-after." (5 star review on Amazon from Cynthia Harrison)

Universal Amazon link:

Kelley Heckart said...

Review for The Wolf Queen
5 stars! This was an amazing story full of twist and turns. Kelley Heckart is an incredible author and I found myself lost in the story from the start. Alara was a feisty and proud woman who bowed to no one, and Lycaon was a fierce and noble person hell bent to protect her at any cost. I fell in love with the characters and the story right away. Heckart writes with an artistic beauty and grace that captures the imagination and grabs the soul. Amazon review

The Wolf Queen is only .99 for a limited time.

M. S. Spencer said...

5 stars for Mai Tais & Mayhem: Murder at Mote Marine:
Mai Tais and Mayhem by M. S. Spencer
I Heart Publishing, 12/7/2015
Contemporary romantic suspense, M/F, 2 flames, Mystery

From Robin T at MR Review:
“Mai Tais and Mayhem is an adorable cozy mystery that has been spiced with some very sexy scenes. The author turns her setting in Sarasota into a cozy town like Cabot Cove from Murder She Wrote. The reader gets to know the merry band of environmentalists who are a close-knit group. Tessa Diamond is a delightful amateur sleuth who not only finds a dead body, but two men who are very much alive, handsome and able to remind her that despite her grief she still has a very active libido. I enjoyed the fact Mai Tais and Mayhem is not just a typical cozy mystery but is a very well written book that has some interesting and unexpected twists in the plotline that enhances the reading experience.”
Buy Links:

Kathleen Rowland said...

Review for Deadly Alliance from Everleigh Phelps, reviewer, A Life Through Books
A fantastic romantic suspense. Kathleen Rowland did a great job of providing the suspense/mystery with romance. Her characters are well developed and read like real people. The relationship unfolded naturally and did not feel forced. A smooth moving plot with a mystery that kept me flipping pages until the end.
Thank you for letting me share a review!

Maggie Le Page said...

The Trouble With Dying is #9 in the US Kindle Store (Free) and is free for just 11 more hours!

Here's the latest Amazon review:


"Downloaded the book yesterday, finished it today, I loved it! Easy reading, good editing and just very well done, in my opinion. I had my favorite suspect chosen fairly early (and of course, I was wrong) and thoroughly enjoyed finding my way to the ending. Thank you!"


You can't get much cheaper than FREE!
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bluemistlizzi said...

A Long Trail Rolling
Lizzi Tremayne

Apart from having a tender romance at its core, it is full of intriguing and fascinating facts woven in with the fiction. Lizzi Tremayne obviously knows what she is talking about, her extensive research and knowledge make this almost like reading an exciting documentary – except that the characters are so well drawn the reader can’t help but relate to them and suffer with them on their journey, especially Alex herself. I love the way the horses are also characters in their own right. As a horse lover myself I was pleased that Aleks really cared about the horses she rode, and the description of each horse makes them come to life – especially Scout the black ‘Appy’. I used to know a black Appaloosa stallion, and Scout could have been modeled on him. As might be expected from an author who has the equestrian and veterinary experience and qualifications Liz has, the details about the horses, their tack and treatment of wounds etc., were convincingly written with an air of authenticity that made the story totally believable. This book is full of surprises and even the villain is not quite what he seems. The story kept me guessing all the way.

Thanks for Reading!

Lizzi Tremayne's Website
Amazon Author Page
See your purchasing options here!
Thank you, Exquisite Quills!

Lizzi Tremayne

Iris B said...

5 beautiful star for ECHOES OF THE PAST

Who said you can’t find your soul mate at seven years old?

For Emily, who lived her whole life in the sleepy Fermosa Bay Australia she always knew that Connor was the one. At seven years old, the whole town had them married off living a quiet happy life. But when an innocent accident happens, Connor’s mother takes the opportunity to whisk her son away to a life that offers more.

Growing up in London in the shadow of his step father, Connor becomes a successful and sought after lawyer with the world at his feet. When his biological father tracks him down, a father he has no memory of and asks him to return home to Australia, Connor can’t say no. Especially to his dying father.

This is a beautiful tale of rediscovering what you already had and what really matters. Reconnecting with old friends and old loves opens Connor’s heart to a world he never anticipated.

Iris had me in tears with this sweet story of coming home. Congratulations. A must read for anyone with a romantic heart!

Available on amazon:


Mary Marvella said...

5 stars Absolutely Exquisite!
By Pamela Varnado
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
I could probably fill Amazon’s entire website with words about how much I love this novel, but I’ll be brief. The story is sweet, it’s humorous, it’s sexy, it’s everything a reader expects from a great book. Author Mary Marvella did such a great job developing her characters she reinforced my belief that only a special woman can win the heart of a special man. But the end of the book I knew Lily and Jesse intimately. And their daughters, what can I say, the preteens are hilarious and mischievous enough to fill the story with lots of plot twists that kept me turning the pages. Give this book a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Jina Bacarr said...

Review for "Love Me Forever" A Civil War Time Travel Romance

5 Stars
By Kindle Customer on January 30, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

If you enjoy the Civil War and love time travel, this is the BEST one I've read!! You will love it!!

Thank you for allowing me to share, Exquisite Quills.

Love Me Forever on Amazon

Shereen Vedam said...
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Shereen Vedam said...

Review of A Devilish Slumber by Mimi Smith at InD'tale Magazine.

4.5 Stars
A gorgeous twist on mysteries, romances and fairytales! As far as cocktails go it doesn’t get much better than this. Ms. Vedam lures a reader in with a mystery and makes them stay by tugging on their heartstrings. Rose and Philip are endearing, and watching the byplay of Rose (as Rose)-Philip and Rose (as her alter ego)-Philip is especially amusing. Interwoven genres give this story a fresh feel.

A Devilish Slumber is on sale until Valentine's Day for $0.99 on all ebook platforms.



Thanks for the opportunity to share this!