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Friday, July 1, 2016

First Lines Friday #FridayReads

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The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination. In comments, tempt us with the first five lines of any chapter.

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ManicScribbler said...

Great to see this feature back, Rose.
Here are the first 5 lines from my latest (release date July 22)

"Are you stealing our junk mail?"
Voice accusing, mocking even, with a hint of an accent; masculine, unfamiliar and unexpected—so much so it made me lose my precarious balance and topple sideways, cracking my knee on the marble floor and putting me at an even greater disadvantage. I bit back my sarcastic retort, realising I must appear pretty suspicious, crouching in front of the mailboxes in a building in which I didn't even live.

Rose Anderson said...

When the tech world goes down, it messes with an authors life! We're back now and the EQ blog will soon get a new coat of paint. :)

Rose Anderson said...

Pre-order your copy of Letterbox Love Stories today! Nine international authors tell life-changing stories and each one begins with a letter. On sale now ~ 99¢!

Five lines from More Than Wishes~

Before Stella knew what was happening, she was surrounded by a curl of white smoke followed by the disconcerting sensation that her body was floating above the floor. The next she knew, her feet were on solid ground and Koray had strong arms wrapped around her. Seconds ticked by before he released her, and when he did, he stepped back with his head bowed.
She looked around in wonder. They stood inside an opulently appointed room similar to colored lithographs she’d once seen of the ancient ruins of Herculaneum and Pompeii.
Pre-order on Amazon. Just 99¢

Janis Susan May said...

Today is release day for my first traditional Regency romance in years - Miss Morrison's Second Chance - available at Amazon and most major retailers.

Elizabeth Elinor Morrison, more familiarly known to her family and friends as Lisbet, was an extraordinarily pretty girl even when her great blue eyes were not delicately swimming in tears. Giving a final wave with the tiny scrap of cambric and lace scarcely justified with the title handkerchief, she dropped dispiritedly onto a chair.
“Well, they are truly gone. I cannot see the carriage any longer.”

Janis Patterson said...

A KILLING AT EL KAB is the traditional murder mystery I went to Egypt to research.

Even in the best of situations Dr. Paul Licht was not an attractive man. When angry, his normally small eyes squeezed shut to tiny slits and his mouth spread wide, giving him the look of nothing so much as an enraged pig, an illusion heightened by his nearly equal height to width ratio. At that moment any self respecting porker would have run screaming from the sight, but humans are neither as intelligent nor uninhibited, and so at least some of the archaeologists assembled faced him down.

A KILLING AT EL KAB is available at Amazon and at most major retailers

J.D. Faver said...

Thanks, Rose.
Here are the first 5 lines of GIRLS' NIGHT,a short humorous novella about the adventures of 5 murderous housewives. It's available in ebook for $0.99. Also in audio book format

Every time I even contemplate actually killing him, my heart takes off like a conga drummer on speed. I’m really not cut out for this sort of thing, but I don’t see any way out of it. It’s just something I must do. I’m committed.
I heave a huge sigh and begin my mental mantra.
I really must kill him. After all, I promised. Everyone’s counting on me.

Claire Gem said...

From my new release, "A Taming Season: A Love at Lake George Novel." It's featured today on USA Today's Happy Ever After Blog - USA Today

Jason buried his face in her hair. She smelled like the forest, piney and fresh, mingled with the scent of his own shampoo from wearing his helmet. A little thrill gripped his throat, smelling something of himself on her.
Like she was his. He wanted her to be his.

Trailer: Book Trailer
Amazon: A Taming Season

Ducky Chick said...

Yay! I'm glad to see the return of Friday Five!

The five lines from my upcoming MLR release "Old Dog, Old Trick" can be found on my blog, The Other Side of Passion!

Stop by and check it out!

Carolina Valdez said...

AWAKENING THE ALPHA - erotic m/m werewolf rerelease by Loose ID!
#19 on ARe in June!
Chapter 1

The black wolf shuddered as his dark muzzle shortened and the space between his yellow eyes widened. His ears flattened and reshaped, finding their way to the sides of the head. As the face came into focus, the wiry fur disappeared as it softened and lengthened into hair covering a fleshy scalp and bangs brushed across the emerging forehead. His neck shortened and his spine straightened as the back legs lengthened and their paws receded into feet. The forepaws became hands at the end of long arms. His body convulsed as the transition completed and the wolf was once again fully human.