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Friday, July 8, 2016

Just Four Lines

Every so often we'll pick up a book and read a passage that makes us say WOW! In comments, share 4 lines of your absolute best.

Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Claire Gem said...

From New Release, A Taming Season: A Love at Lake George Novel:

Jason watched her go, shaking his head and smiling. Zoe looked like a pissed-off cat that had lost her balance and toppled down from some perch. She was struggling to keep her pace quick. But her flip-flops and the sugary sand made walking a real challenge.

Book Trailer
A Taming Season

Barbara White Daille said...

Just released this week:

Cowboy in Charge, contemporary romance

“Jason,” she said quietly, “please don’t try that one on me.”

“All right, then. I wanted to see my son.”

“My son,” she corrected. “For all the contact you’ve had with him, you could have been a sperm donor.”

Cowboy in Charge - Amazon
The Daille-y News (Blog)

Barbara White Daille said...

Great visual, and I love the "sugary sand."

Marian Lanouette said...
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Marian Lanouette said...

From Noel Noel Noel in More Than I Wished For Trilogy

Ah, he's going to make me work for this. "A girlfriend?"

"Same answer."

Now he had her curiosity piqued. The purple bag was definitely from Lynn's Lingerie Shoppe. Noelle’s sense of humor got the better of her. "A cross-dresser?"


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Staci Troilo said...

From MIND CONTROL, Book 2 of the Medici Protectorate Series

Che cazzo? The response he felt was primal, visceral—started low in his abdomen and surged through his body.

He’d felt nothing but concern for her when he’d seen her undressed, and she’d practically been on display like a diamond in a velvet box. So why did a mere touch of her hand create such a reaction?

Mind Control Page

Reggi Allder said...

From Her Country Heart A Sierra Creek Book 1.
I'm at work on His Country Heart A Sierra Creek Book 2

"I feel alive when I'm with you." She didn't mean to speak, but the words come out before she could censor them.
"You smell like apple pie and perfume." He took a breath. "Sweet and feminine."

Alicia Hope said...

From my upcoming contemporary romance, THE TOKEN FEMALE.

Freed from his intense scrutiny, Kerry allowed her gaze to slide over his six-foot-two frame, admiring his easy stance in the well-cut charcoal grey Armani suit. And when he moved his arm and she felt the firm bulge of muscles beneath the sleeve of his jacket, a familiar, nagging ache rose within her. She parted her lips to release a hot breath.
As Royce lowered the glass and his eyes fell on her again, her pulse leaped to thud in her ears, and when his gaze slid over her strapless, figure-hugging satin gown, whose plunging neckline and side split left little to the imagination, she had to hold her body in check to stop it from quivering.

Cassandra L Shaw said...

From my Romance & Reincarnation Novella - Out August

A deep, casually cultured voice, a sensuous stroke sliding down her spine, called her libido’s name.

Charlene spun. Remmington? No, no, this was the other man. Remmington was dead. “Oh. No, I don’t.”

She took a steadying breath and gave the man a smile, hoping she looked natural instead of like an insane person trying not to swoon over a dead man’s lookalike.

Helen Henderson said...

A Friday Four from my upcoming release, Hatchling's Vengeance, Book 4 of the Dragshi Chronicles.

Swinging her up in his arms, he strode to the cushioned bench that had been brought out for the wounded. Too tired to fight her mate, Glynnes leaned into his chest. Her eyes closed. If only this moment would last forever.

But it won’t, reality answered.

Available at

For excerpts, complete distribution list, or a free read of the first chapter of Hatchling's Vengeance and the other books in the Dragshi Chronicles, go to and click on the covers.

June Shaw said...
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June Shaw said...

“Ummm.” I don’t know who pulled off the other’s clothes first. Gil probably shut the door. We fell to the floor. Peeled off garments. Felt remembered curves and swells. Drank in of each other. The still-open Twister mat beneath us felt slippery. It made squishy sounds.
Satisfied, we moved to my bed. Clutched each other. Recalled and renewed smells and heat and passion.