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Monday, July 4, 2016

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by Rose Anderson writing as Madeline Archer

Raised on a sailor’s tales of adventure and eager for her own, Stella Cunningham answers an advertisement for a traveling companion to the Orient. There she purchases an ancient bronze lamp with a secret. In the land of flying carpets and genies, Stella is about to have the adventure of a lifetime.

by Denysé Bridger

Casino Coranthos is a playground for the wealthy and bored, but for some it’s also a place where dreams and promises change lives forever. When a letter becomes part of an unexpected inheritance for Ryann Thomson, her aunt’s past brings her face to face with Ariston Katsaros, a man haunted by loss and driven by anger. As attraction between them sizzles, can Ryann convince Ari she won’t rob him or his father of anything? Or will she become a casualty of his vengeance? In this dangerous game of all or nothing, her heart and future happiness are at stake.

by Lynn Crain

In 2084, time travelling detective, Tandi Reynolds, tipped off by a letter, needs to stop an assassin before he kills the European Union’s newly elected leader. When she finds him in 1874, Vienna, it becomes clear a cold blooded killer is only one of her problems. Her time there is fleeting, so falling in love with her contact, the gorgeous and charismatic, Count Leopold Radetzky von Radetz, is a really bad idea, but keeping her feelings in check is not easy when she must rely on him for her every need in a time she knows only from history books.

by Helena Fairfax

When Alice receives a letter telling her she's won a place on a TV blind date show, she should be excited - only trouble is, the show involves cooking for your date...and Alice can't cook. Forced to throw herself on the mercy of her chef neighbour, Edmond, Alice asks him for lessons. But will she be cooking up a romance...or cooking up disaster?

by Gemma Juliana

What do a reality TV star and a billionaire from Sardinia have in common? Sophie Hayes is jaded from years of buying and selling the contents of abandoned storage units. After she dumps her cheating fiancé, a letter arrives from a man in Sardinia inviting her to personally deliver a rare antique desk. What better way to spend what would have been her honeymoon? Rico di Carlo is a reclusive widower with a secret--he’s been falling in love with Sophie Hayes for almost a year. Now she’s in his world and he has one week to make sure she never wants to leave.

by Marie Laval

Provence 1826. Ten years after her brother disappeared in the marshes of the Camargue, Venetia Rigby receives a letter suggesting he is still alive. Will Philippe Dantès, half-gipsy master of Terres Mortes, help her find him when he has his own demons to fight?

by Cara Marsi

A letter inviting Chloe Decker to curate the art collection of the wealthy DiMarco family of Ravello, Italy, lets Chloe begin to picture a new life for herself after the death of her fiancé. But she’d never included her employer’s sexy grandson in that portrait. Matteo DiMarco, the playboy scion of the DiMarco family, will never again let a woman betray him. But sweet, earthy Chloe reawakens old dreams. Wary of losing her heart again, Chloe’s not ready for a relationship, even with a fine Italian masterpiece of a man like Matteo. Besides, her future is in Philadelphia, not Italy. Can Matteo convince her to stay and take a chance on him? Can she open her heart and paint a new picture that includes them both?

by Lindsay Townsend

Recovering from a brutal marriage, Esther is living quietly as a widow when a letter from her brother Sir Stephen destroys her contented life. Stephen orders her to marry Sir Henry—but who is this “Plain Harry” and how will he treat her?
Set in medieval England in a time when women had few rights, this story shows how love can flourish in the unlikeliest of places and between the unlikeliest of people.

by Jenny Twist

In 1936 a band of students went off to Spain to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Only one came home . . . and he was haunted by the girl he left behind.

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