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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Snippet Sunday

Sometimes a little goes a long way. In comments, share a snippet One to Four sentences long.

Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Rose Anderson said...

More Than Wishes by Madeline Archer
~One of nine tales in Letterbox Love Stories Anthology on sale now for only 99¢ !

Here 15-year-old Ishaan tricks his twin brother Koray. He's up to no good.

Ishaan said, “We focus our minds on our bodies becoming smoke.” No sooner had he said the words than the transformation he’d practiced began at his feet and climbed to his calves. Where feet had been a moment ago, a swirling curl of smoke arose.
Koray’s expression was part fascination and part fear.

Julie Lynn Hayes said...

Thanks for the opportunity, Rose! This is from my new book, Bad Dogs and Drag Queens, and typifies the relationship between my two detectives, Vinnie and Ethan.

“Let me help,” he offered.

He lifted my foot and set it atop his muscular thigh while he fumbled with the clasp. When I winced, he placed a soft kiss on the top of my foot. He worked the buckle loose and carefully drew the strap through it, instantly relieving the pressure.

My blog:
My Amazon:

Have a great Sunday!

Patricia Preston said...

He pressed a kiss against the side of her throat as he inhaled the provocative fragrance she wore. For the first time in a long time, he felt like a rich man.

One Week in Paradise~coming Sept 2016~Kensington/Lyrical Press

My Amazon Page:


thefensk said...

The Fever: Sam Milton's life revolves around two things, a cryptic riddle and a mysterious Texas myth about a lost gold mine.
The eBook is free this month (all formsts)
Details (and links to more info):

Claire Gem said...

From New Release, A TAMING SEASON:

Zoe's sunglasses tumbled into the sand, and she heard Jason chuckle as he bent to retrieve them.

He straightened, but made no move to hand them over. Slowly, he brought them to his lips and, staring into her eyes the entire time, blew gently on the lenses, one at a time, to free them of sand.


Book Trailer
A Taming Season

Janice Croom said...

As always thanks for the opportunity. This is from my sci-fi rom-com Build a Mate. Can a brother from another planet and a small town girl find love?

Homer swept her into his arms where she gazed into his kind brown eyes. In those five seconds, she knew that he'd told her the truth about being an alien and that he'd shot her with his ray, or sucked out her brain, or maybe she'd gotten close enough to the pod he'd hidden in her truck. Whatever he'd done, she didn't want it to end.

Build a Mate Available on Amazon
Janice Croom web site

Jana Richards said...

Good morning! Nice to be back at Exquisite Quills. This snippet is from my contemporary small town romance FIRST AND AGAIN When Bridget returns to her small hometown, some of the questions she gets are a little too personal and she reacts accordingly:

"My husband did dump me for a younger woman, but hey, my life’s an open book. Maybe there are other details of my personal life you’d like to discuss. Perhaps you want to know my bra size or maybe my bank account balance, though I’ve got to warn you, neither is very big."

Jana Richards
Amazon Author Page

Mia McKimmy said...

Thanks, Rose. It's great to be here. This snippet is from, THE SACRIFICE, book 1 of my paranormal romance Sons of Sivadia Series. Cy (the hero) is being held captive by his twin brother, Vind. Cy just attacked Vind as he entered the cell.

Vind coughed and wheezed through large gasp of air. He straightened, stalked toward Cy with rage in his eyes and a dagger in his hand. "You really shouldn't have done that," Vind said in a raspy voice. He buried the knife deep into Cy's gut, and twisted the blade for maximum damage.

Mia McKimmy

LindaRae said...

A snippet from The Epiphany of an Explorer by Linda Rae Sande

Having been gone for over a month, he wasn’t surprised that the collection of angel fish, mollies, and assorted bottom feeders didn’t recognize him. He experienced a bit of jealousy when a particular footman seemed to garner their complete and undivided attention, until he realized it was because that particular footman had the responsibility of feeding them twice a day, every day.

When Harry stepped in on behalf of the footman to supply their evening feeding, he was heartened to discover the fish seemed to worship him as much as they did the footman. His status as the God of Sustenance reestablished, he went about his regular residence-in-London schedule.

Savanna Kougar said...

Coming Soon ~ WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ A Shapeshifter Erotic Romance Novel

In this snippet Keina fights off the villain.

They'd practically wrestled, with Keina twisting furiously as she fought off Tretorff's grasping, tentacle like arms. When his hands grabbed at her like angry snapping turtles, she'd whirled out of reach.

But the sleazeoid Prince snorted and charged, rabid to mount her. Desperate to escape, repulsed beyond belief, Keina instantly morphed her lower half.


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

Unknown said...

A Highland Ruby, Scottish historical romance is now free at Smashwords.

In the snippet, Flora nurses Gavin back to health when he is attacked by a wildcat.

Images of Gavin in his youth not long after Phillip had been killed and the handsome auburn-haired warrior came calling filled her mind as she stood in the library surveying the empty bed, his warmth and imprint still upon it. Flora picked up the pillow, putting it to her nose. His manly scent remained. She would keep the pillow and use it for her own as she remembered the sweetness of his kiss, the tenderness of his love, and the feel of his hard body against hers. He had changed, toughened, aged by the savagery of survival in an unknown land, but his heart remained the same. Flora longed to possess that tender heart, filling it with love for her again.

Stephanie Queen said...

Rose, I love your Exquisite Quills Sunday Snippets! Here's mine:
BEACHCOMBER HEAT by Stephanie Queen

The instant tensing of muscles across his back and the tightening of his chest reminded Dane of a mild tazing—either that or he was having a heart attack. But in truth, the tension was all too familiar—it was his 'what happens if Shana leaves the island?' tension. He couldn’t bring himself to think about the answer. That would too likely lead to gut-wrenching misery. And then he might have a heart attack for real.

Available at:

Reggi Allder said...

From Her Country Heart a Sierra Creek Book
"I said we'd just talk." He paused. "You feel so good it's hard, but I'll keep my word."

"I want you Wyatt. You must know I do." With her hand pressed against his chest she felt his heart thundering.

My work in progress: His Country Heart Book 2 of the Sierra Creek Series.

Helen Henderson said...

My Snday snippet is from Hatchling's Vengeance

Although a glacial ice surrounded his chest, fire burned along Talann's wing. His muscles refused to move. Crippled, he plunged toward the ground.

Pre-order at Amazon

Link to excerpts Vengeance has two paths--and a long memory.

Helen Henderson
Tour Guide to the Stars and Worlds of Imagination
Blog at:

Janice Seagraves said...

My Sunday snippet is from Windswept Shores Two.
“Ta fer that, love. I’ll pay your sons back somehow.” Seth took one of her hands and uncurled her fingers. “I did want to see you one last time. I didn’t reckon with us parting this way. You to yer rotten bloke, and me here on charges.” He smiled.