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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saturday Blog Party! #blog

Are you an author who also blogs? It's a terrific way to show just how versatile your writing is. Today's meme highlights our blog posts for the past week. In comments, share the titles of your blog topics along with your blog link

Why not scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself?  Have fun!

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gemwriter said...

Com-Rada-Ladies! What's the best bridge for the generation gap? One hot guy!
Emotional Journeys

Barbara White Daille said...

Happy Saturday!

Posts at The Daille-y News this past week include:

"Hanging onto anger..." - a Tuesday Teaser
"Nobody's perfect - including you" - and the title's not what you think!
"5 Reasons to Fall in Love with a Cowboy" - includes info about a sweepstakes

Hope you can drop by!

The Daille-y News (Blog)

Nightingale said...
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Nightingale said...

Today I have the talented sci-fi author Terry R. Hill on my blog sharing about his series. Drop by and visit.

The rest of the week, I have More Talented Authors! M.S. Spencer, Barbara Daille, Robin Leigh Morgan, and others.

Often, my guests offer prizes. You'll want to get in on those.

darlene deluca said...

Hello, everyone! I'm the author of contemporary romance and women's fiction novels, but I blog a about a wide variety of topics – parenting, writing, gardening, traveling, etc.
I sometimes have guests that include other authors, librarians and travel agents.
My blog post this week – Picking the Perfect Present – is about my love for gift-giving and the quest to find just the right gift for my dad who turns 80 next week.

Hope you'll stop by and say hello!