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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hump Day Blurb Share! #HumpDay

This Wednesday meme is all about the blurb. Can a few tempting words of introduction grab a reader's attention? Let's find out! In comments, tempt us with the blurb off your book jacket.
Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Kathy Kulig said...

From Secret Destiny by Kathy Kulig


Take one desperate stripper.

A gorgeous lover who’s determined to help, and steal her heart.

Add a mysterious billionaire with a really hot, indecent proposal.

It’s the perfect arrangement for two lovers willing to play a steamy, kinky game—or is it?

How can their hearts and career possibly survive the consequences?

On the verge of financial ruin, Destiny Noir accepts an offer from the billionaire manager of Dark Odyssey. The hedonistic club in a mansion along the South Florida coast caters to the rich and powerful, providing sexy entertainment to satisfy their clients' sinful requests. Performing kinky sex shows at private parties should be easy for two lovers, and Darius Logan is her willing partner. The risk to her professional reputation is high, but the money and scorching sex is too good to refuse.

Besides, Destiny is enjoying the naughty games. Maybe a little too much?

Amazed by how uninhibited she can be, Destiny is driven by a sensual need aroused by her audience. But when passion becomes an obsession, and her clients demand special favors, the perfect arrangement gets out of control. In any game, someone is bound to lose in the end—unless another opportunity arises.

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Kayelle Allen said...

At the Mercy of Her Pleasure
Antonello Brothers 1: a Scifi Romance
Hired to steal back a prototype taken by the imperial armada, Senth Antonello retrieves it, but his brother is kidnapped to force Senth to surrender the device.
Now he has to rescue his brother, outsmart the armada, and keep the item out of imperial hands. All doable, except for one small problem. He must do it in the company of NarrAy Jorlan, a genetically altered woman whose pheromones could enhance the mission or crumble it into dust with a single siren kiss.
He's a thief. She's a soldier. Do opposites attract? Oh, mercy!
CreateSpace (Print)
Kayelle Allen's Homeworld

Nightingale said...

Four by Moonlight, coming soon from Class Act Books, by Linda Nightingale:

An anthology of love in the moonlight…in the paranormal universe.

Gypsy Ribbons – A moonlight ride on the moors and meeting a notorious highwayman will forever change Lady Virginia Darby’s life.

Star Angel – Lucy was stuck in a rut and in an Idaho potato patch. She’d seen him in the corner of her eye—a fleeting glimpse of beauty—now he stood before her in the flesh.

The Night Before Doomsday – All his brothers had succumbed to lust, but Azazel resisted temptation until the wrong woman came along.

The Gate Keeper’s Cottage – Newlywed Meggie Richelieu’s mysterious, phantom lover may be more than anyone, except the plantation housekeeper, suspects.

Mona Karel said...

From A Question of Faith, A Stormhaven Love Story. Out October 1

Rosalind Summerton led a charmed existence, right up to the day she accepted an invitation to visit a family in the middle east, and learn more about the culture up close and personal. It became far too up close and she barely escaped with her life. She no longer has faith in herself as a survivor, and she needs to stay somewhere that she can see miles in every direction. Cold would be nice.

Tyler Randolph has lost faith in himself and his judgement of people, especially women, after his wife left along with his truck, trailer, and horse. He’s wondering why he’s bothering. Until he meets his new tenant: Tall, sexy, intriguing…and scared.

Can these two cautious people have enough faith to try one more time?

Mona's Fun Place
Amazon Author Page
Black Opal Books Author Page

Janis Susan May said...

Curse of the Exile - a Scottish Victorian Gothic Romance
Janis Susan May
available in both ebook and paperback

“CURSE OF THE EXILE is a traditional Gothic mystery reminiscent of the best of Victoria Holt and Virginia Coffman that no lover of Gothics should miss. A courageous heroine, 1860s Scotland, two handsome brothers, a moldering castle, an unknown villain bent on a horrid vengeance… delicious! A perfect book for curling up with for a long enjoyable trip to the past.”
Carla Renard, The Literary Lady

After an unhappy childhood and a cruelly broken romance, Angelina Barstow has found a kind of respectable life working as a librarian with her charming but womanizing father. In 1860 they come to the Scottish castle called Merlon Motte, where the owner and his much younger brother are sharply divided on the necessity of selling the place. An ancient sword is stuck into the ceiling of the Great Hall and family legend says it was put there by a long-ago exiled son, who promised to curse anyone who endangers the castle. Angelina regards this as just a charming family story until the prospective buyer is murdered, the Sword of the Exile driven through his heart.

In spite of herself, Angelina has fallen in love, but though she loves one and sincerely likes the other she doesn’t know which of the brothers is the murderer. She thinks things can get no worse, but then there is another, more shocking death when her father is found drowned and the prospective buyer’s friend, the same man who so tried to dishonor her years before, says he intends to make her his mistress by force if necessary. Two more long held secrets threaten Angelina and her beloved before the Curse of the Exile is finally lifted.

Rosemary Gemmell said...

The Highland Lass

Eilidh Campbell returns to her Scottish roots from America with one main aim: to discover the identity of her father. But her mother’s past in Inverclyde is a mystery with family secrets, a book of Robert Burns’ poems with a hidden letter and a photograph link to the Holy Loch at Dunoon when the American Navy were in residence.

Staying with her childhood friend, Kirsty, while searching for answers, Eilidh begins to fall in love with handsome Scot Lewis Grant, but just how free is he? Together they trace the story of Highland Mary and Robert Burns, with its echoes to her mother’s story. In short alternate chapters, Highland Mary tells her own story from 1785-6. From Dunoon, to Ayrshire and culminating in Greenock, Eilidh finds the past is closer than she realises.

Amazon US

Tony-Paul de Vissage said...

The South is being invaded…by vampires.

That’s nothing new, but Vlad Chemare isn’t some angst-filled paranormal hero longing for his lost soulmate. He’s up-to-date, traveling by jet, and seeking revenge against the master who buried him alive in punishment for daring to lead a revolt back in the 15th century. Armed with American Express and a Kevlar vest, Vlad’s out for blood…specifically Baslo Rigla’s. With the vampires of Savannah and their American defiance of tyranny rallied around him, he’s not only got his army, but the local werewolf population is volunteering to become his K-9 Corps.

As the fight begins, with the city of Savannah as the battleground, and the rest of the world as the prize, Vlad suddenly faces something he hadn’t expected… Will he let his feelings for mortal Meredith Swanson stand in his way?

After all, a woman’s just a woman, but revenge is a dish enjoyed even six hundred years later.

THE LAST VAMPIRE STANDING by Tony-Paul de Vissage, published by Class Act Books.

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Toni V.S. said...

Blurb for THE HONEST RAKE by Toni V. Sweeney (Book 1 in the McCoys series), from Class Act Books:

Donal McCoy is a rake, but a secret one.

He’s welcomed at Almack’s but he’s also a well-received guest at the most infamous brothel in London. As far as Donal’s concerned, what he does in private is his own affair as long as no one other than his best friend, Joss—a rogue of the same feather—knows of it.

Then his father drops a bombshell into his son’s well-hidden but orderly life. Quenton McCoy wants a grandchild and he orders his son to find himself a bride.

The last thing Donal wants is a wife. Marriage will ruin his fun altogether. Reluctantly, he schemes to obey his father’s orders while retaining his freedom.

Unfortunately, sometimes Love gets in the way…

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Toni V.S. said...

Blurb for RUNAWAY BROTHER by Icy Snow Blackstone, published by Class Act Books:

At the age of twenty-two, newly-graduated Nicolo Liguori was forced by his three brothers to become care-giver for his father and for the next ten years, Nick gives up his own ambitions, working during the day in the family’s New York jewelry business, and returning home every night to be at his father’s beck-and-call.

Then Papa dies and Nick is free…or is he? Carlo, Marco, and Pietro expect him to continue life as usual, but Nick has other ideas. Secretly buying a motorcycle, he starts to work one day and… disappears.

Nick gets as far as the southern part of Georgia before an accident disables his bike. Stranded, with no idea of the South except what he’s seen on TV, Nick isn’t certain what kind of reception he’s going to get. Then, a pretty Southern miss and a white tank disguised as a temperamental horse named Shazam change his life as they and the citizens of Oceano teach a runaway Yankee about life and love in a small Georgia town.

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Savanna Kougar said...

***New Release***

WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance Novel

Drev Zander, ex super-soldier, built a new life in Wolf Peak Territory. His traumatic past is fading. On the Guardian Team, he battles sinister enemies threatening the shapeshifter community. After a mysterious Pegasus ruins his T-day plans, Drev finds the woman he's been waiting for. Will she rule his heart?

Keina Svonj, winged horse shifter, is banished from her realm—the dastardly Prince has convinced the King. Flying above the Montana forest, Keina interferes with a hunter. She mind-melds with him, and realizing her mistake, makes amends. Passion explodes between them. Love follows. Will Drev save her from a forced marriage?



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance and

Excerpt/Buy Link:

Rosemarie Rinahart said...

Tame Me Now by Rosemarie Rinehart
2nd in the Runaways Series

Cristabelle Howard left the glittering world of her birth long ago. Life on the road with her sister, beloved animals, and the circus was her haven. However, there was one face from her past which never left her, one who would always find her no matter how far she traveled.

Henry Wakefield, her first love, handsome as he is wealthy, forever seeks her hand. But just as her walls begin to crack, a note of ransom is left on her doorstep. As their liaisons are threatened to be revealed, Henry and Cristabelle are forced to confront their tumultuous relationship and save one another from ruin.

A struggle for dominance, an old struggle never settled between them, turns on its head as they journey to find the culprit. As they run, the lovers learn the delight of letting go to the pleasure of submission, all the while indulging in their power over one another, both in the bedroom, and in their hearts.

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Kim Cleary said...

She'd rather be a normal eighteen-year-old … but not much chance of that, when she can raise the dead.
When an eighteen-year-old discovers she's a necromancer who can raise the dead, she does her best to deny this unholy gift. But after leaving the orphanage for a mysterious manor house, she learns that not only have the dead started walking again, her power means she's the only one who can stop it.
Judy Hudson wants to be a normal girl, but the nuns who've raised her treat her with fear and suspicion. When a beautiful, otherworldly stranger whisks her from the orphanage to a dignified old estate, he promises to help her wield power beyond imagining. Dare she trust that her abilities aren't evil after all?
But when their lessons go awry, Judy learns she can do great harm. To make matters worse, new undead attack—corpses raised from among the long-time dead. Another necromancer is at work, and he must be stopped before he destroys the innocent inhabitants of the nearby town, including the handsome sheriff.
To save them all, can one young girl learn to control the darkness inside her—a seductive darkness that promises her power beyond her wildest dreams?
Don't miss this thrilling, urban fantasy. Get your copy of Path Unchosen today!