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Monday, October 17, 2016

Wash Line Monday! #MondayBlogs

Our Monday meme shines a light on apparel. From Viking to Regency to Steampunk and every era we write in, we dress our characters to reflect the story we want to tell.

In comments, and in 300 words or less, give us a snippet from your novel that describes what your heroes, heroines, or bit players are wearing. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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Dressing our Characters on Exquisite Quills Wash Line Monday!   


Lindsay Townsend said...

A snippet from my historical romance FLAVIA'S SECRET, with the hero, Marcus, in his Roman dining clothes just before a banquet.

Marcus, carrying a lighted oil lamp, the shadows and light coiling round
him. She had expected to see him a stranger in his Roman mantle and he did
look taller and more studious, like a picture of an idealised Greek
philosopher. His mantle was like those she had seen worn by upper class
men in Aquae Sulis: a large, rectangular piece of bleached fine wool, almost
as big as a bedsheet, draped around his left shoulder and around his back,
enclosing both shoulders and covering his body almost to his ankles.
Under it, at his right shoulder and around his throat, Flavia could see
that Marcus had also changed into a different tunic, dark blue and with thin
darker stripes woven lengthways into the cloth as decoration. The blue
matched his eyes and the snowy white mantle showed off his tan, she
thought, wondering with a stab of envy if his wife had selected the outfit.

He saw her looking and flicked at the mantle with a strange, almost
embarrassed smile. ‘I can never drape the folds of these things properly.’ He
raised the oil lamp to see her face more clearly. ‘Thank you for agreeing to
join me this evening.’

‘You could have ordered me,’ Flavia murmured, wanting to
acknowledge this. She tilted up her chin. ‘Thank you for asking me.’
Inspired by his very human moment of shyness, she confessed, ‘I have
not served at a grand dinner and never attended one as a guest. Is there
anything I should or should not do?’

‘Be yourself. That is more than enough.’

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Lindsay Townsend

Mona Karel said...

A Question of Faith, Stormhaven Love Stories #2
Mona Karel

Tyler Randolph and Rosalind Summerton

Ty leaned against his pool cue, taking in the picture she made in a slinky flowing dark red dress with accents in two other colors he couldn’t name. The total package was stunning, something not often seen in this small, off the beaten path bar. “What color did you call that dress again?”
“I didn’t. I tend not to name my colors, gives them the idea they have rights and privileges.”

Mona's Fun Place
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Black Opal Books Author Page

darlene deluca said...

From Her Greatest Risk, contemporary romance:

Jennifer fingered the beads on the red dress, wonder-ing if it was right for her date with Michael. Sleeveless, with beaded rosettes and a low neckline, it was on the flashy side. With a flutter in her chest, she realized she wanted to look her best tonight – and wouldn’t mind mak-ing Michael Reynolds’ eyes pop.
Red was one of her best colors. She slipped into matching sandals, and applied a cherry-colored lipstick. Her thick hair, which had taken thirty minutes to straight-en, smoothly framed her face. It occurred to her as she looked in the mirror that she hadn’t been on a real date in a while. More often than not, she and Connor watched a movie on TV or they went with a group to a party some-where on campus.
She heard Michael pull up in the drive promptly at seven. Peeking out the window, she watched him climb out of his silver BMW and come up the porch steps. She caught her breath. He wore a black shirt and pressed khaki slacks. And looked amazing.

Rachael Kosinski said...

From The Christmas Lights, a historical romance novella:

“Stop!” a voice chastised. “Please don’t kill my future husband, sir. At least not until after breakfast.”
Emmy. My head shot up, fixing my crooked spectacles. Oh Lord. Emmy
watched me from the bottom of the grand staircase, her face an attempt not to giggle slowly morphing into one of surprise. A shoulderless dress of pale blue hugged her tiny waist and billowed out on the stairs. She really looked like a princess. Scarlet curls draped down her front, midway to her elbows. Scarlet like I’d never seen, with a golden sheen mixed in. Her skin was so pale, lightly dusted with tan freckles. A couple—angel kisses, she once called them—dotted her nose, a cute little nose. She had a Cupid ’s bow mouth, deeply brown eyes a little slanted at the corners. Her lashes were impossibly long.
“Can you…” Her eyes searched mine, and she gripped the banister. “Do you see me?”
Really see me? asked her eyes. Do you like what you see?
I scrambled off the floor and walked toward her like she might disappear. My fingers touched the edge of her skirts, her hand. It was clammy, nervous. Her eyes widened as I touched the roundness of her cheek, her eyelashes. It must’ve tickled, because she shut her eyes and giggled. It was all the same. I could simply see it now. I smiled. “I knew you were this beautiful.”

Savanna Kougar said...

***New Release***

WAITING FOR A FILLY GIRL ~ A ShapeShifter Seduction Erotic Romance Novel

Chapter Twenty-seven:
Beautiful Medieval Princess

"Keina," he breathed out. Drev couldn't have moved a foot if his life depended on it. His eyes felt as if they leaped from their sockets. "You look like the most beautiful medieval princess."

"You are so kind, Drev."

"Kind isn't the word. Awe-struck...maybe. Let's say, bewitched out of my mind."

With a beatific smile, Keina halted. She raised her arms gracefully, and whirled like a dancer. The gown was a magical twirl around her slender figure, and Keina's long gorgeous hair swung, flowing in silky waves.

Drev drank in the sight like a man with an unquenchable thirst.

Spinning to a stop, Keina caught hold of the gown's skirt. She beamed another smile at him. "May I tell you how handsome you are, my Drev."

Regaining some of his cockiness, Drev stepped toward her and offered his arm. "Only if you join me for dinner, my princess."



Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance and

Excerpt/Buy Link:

Alina K. Field said...

From LILIANA'S LETTER, a Regency novella:
"You are quite dashing in that new gown, Liliana," Katie said. "I’m so glad Mama ordered it for you. I shall wear that shade of red after my wedding. Leo is not so fussy as Papa about my clothing."
The gown had arrived that afternoon, delivered by Marie, who'd pinned and stitched and made sure the ruby rich silk fit Liliana like a second skin. The thought of leaving it behind made her feel sick...After the wedding, she would tell the Mercers she was traveling to America. This lovely gown, and the others that had arrived for her this week, would not fit into her one small trunk. Katie might have them all.
Leo and Grigsby approached, heads bent, talking together over the crush of voices. Her skin rippled again as they drew closer. The dark superfine defined Grigsby's broad shoulders, and the blue brocade of his waistcoat matched the hue of his eyes.

Find a longer excerpt and links here:

Reggi Allder said...

It is 100 degrees outside and Amy is watching Wyatt from the kitchen window.

Her Country Heart By Reggi Allder
Wyatt opened the door to the cottage and entered. She was about to turn away when the cottage door opened again and he came out again carrying a huge cardboard box. He tossed it in his pick-up and she noticed the truck bed was full of old torn boxes.

Afterward, he stripped off his t-shirt and hung it on the porch railing. Sweat glistened on his broad chest. She watched him push his brown hair from his face and drink from the garden hose. His pecks tightened as he doused his hair with water and then shook his head. The movement sent drops of water flying in the air and dripping down to his six-pack abs.

“Whoa”, she whispered, sucked in a breath of air, and leaned forward for a better view. He snatched his shirt from the porch rail and headed for the back door. Just then he looked up. She jumped back from the window. Had he seen her staring?

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#KU #MustRead

Anni Fife said...


LUKE'S REDEMPTION by Anni Fife. A Contemporary Romantic Suspense (Erotic).

Luke's state of dress, or undress, has Katya all hot and bothered...

My bare feet were silent on the hall floor. I heard giggles from the kitchen and a deep voice murmuring.

Luke and Lily.

Pausing at the kitchen door, I had to support myself against the frame. Such beauty! Lily was sitting on the counter next to a steaming waffle-maker manned by Luke. She was bent double with laughter as she tried to swipe at Luke, who kept dabbing her nose with batter. He was teasing her, but my ears were ringing so I couldn’t make out what he was saying.

His head turned and he smiled at me. Not his lazy, sexy smile, a full-blown grin that hollered joy.

“Mommy, look, waffles!” Lily screeched.

But I couldn’t take my eyes off Luke.

His faded jeans were old and torn and he wasn’t wearing a belt, so they hung precariously on his hips. A washed-out blue Henley stretched over his chest and biceps, doing nothing to mask the sheer strength of his physique.

Tingles rippled through me and I bit my lip as heat flooded my chest.

He ambled over and stopped right in front of me. Oh Lordy! He was barefoot.

“Hey, babe, you finally awake?” His smile settled into a sexy twitch and I stared, mesmerized, as he lifted his hand to cup my cheek. “Love it when you blush like this,” he murmured and his thumb brushed my cheekbone.

I leaned harder against the door frame, bending a thigh to try and stop the needy quiver that had started up between my legs. “Um, hi,” I stuttered. My mind was blank like I had the worst stage-fright. I licked my lips while I tried and come up with something, anything.


I was saved by the bell. Literally.

Luke leaned in and spoke into my ear, “Take care of the waffles, babe, while I get the door.”

Then he moved around me and was gone.


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