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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Kiss Wednesday

It's  First Kiss Wednesday!
Kisses are the mainstay of romance writing.  No matter how sweet or spicy our stories are, they usually involve at least a kiss or two.  And the first kiss is especially lovely - that first, soft touch of lips - or perhaps the kiss is fierce and hungry.  Maybe the characters murmur words of love or words of teasing while discovering the texture and taste of each other.  Maybe the only sounds they can emit are gentle, timorous moans or deep, throaty groans.
Okay, now that we've set the premise, here's what you can do for First Kiss Wednesdays.  In the comment box, give us a maximum of 300 words of the first kiss of a published work or a work-in-progress and one link to your website or blog or Amazon Author Page. 
Read and luxuriate in the glories of the first kiss...

Oh, and lips only...  ;-)


E.Ayers said...

ASK ME AGAIN (sexy Valentine reunion story)

She pulled out a pen and a scrap of paper from her purse, and wrote her phone number and street address on it. "From here you take Second Street all the way out to Midway. Go left on Midway and right on Culvert. You'll see the sign for Camden Townhouses on your left. It's not hard to find at all. Do you want me to write that down?"
"No, I've got it. Left, right, left."
They chatted for a few more minutes, and then she looked at her watch. "I hate to leave, but I have papers to grade tonight. Thanks so much for my meal."
"My pleasure." He stood and walked her to her car. "I'm glad I ran into you."
"I'm glad you did, too."
He opened her car door with one hand while putting his other on her arm. "I'm looking forward to tomorrow." He leaned over and brushed a kiss on her cheek.
Even in the lousy lighting of the parking lot, he could see her blush as she got into her car. He closed the door and watched her drive off. **What the hell is wrong with me? A man doesn't kiss a girl in this day and age without her permission.** He shook his head. **It's hard to believe she used to be that dorky nerd in high school.**
He walked to his car recalling how she'd thrown a nasty uppercut followed by a groin shot on Butt when he said something pretty raunchy to her. Most of the guys left her alone after that. **She's not the Torrey I remember.**

ON SALE for 99 cents starting Feb 5

Lindsay Townsend said...

MIDSUMMER MAID - Sweet Historical Romance Novella

Haakon, though, was different. He might be feared by some in the village, but he had standing. And now, because of her, he had lost it.
She wrapped her arms around his middle and hugged him, wishing she was a head taller than him, rather than the other way round. Then I could kiss the top of his head and truly comfort him.
"I am sorry," she murmured. "Truly sorry."
Haakon's strong, muscular arms clamped about her narrow waist, and he lifted her right off her feet. "Regret nothing and fear nothing, Clare, for I do not."
Lowering his head, he kissed her.
Clare closed her eyes and drank in his kiss. He tasted sweet and fresh, as she did, perhaps, to him, and they hung in each other's embrace, lost to everything else.
Finally, with a shaky laugh, he set her down on the leafy forest floor. "More and I shall be a knight myself," he admitted. "But months, months, I have longed to do that."
"And I have waited months," she answered, for the time for clarity between them was here, and her heart was full.
"Truly?" He touched her cheek with his thumb. "Then I should make a fire."
"Of course, if we are to stay in these woods tonight," Clare began, wondering why he should tell her, but he interrupted her, his handsome-ugly face bright with excitement.
"A fire for us to leap across, for tonight is Midsummer's Eve, is it not? Then we shall be plighted to each other; for I love you, Clare, and I hope, in time, you may care for me, though we shall make a strange couple, you so comely and me—"
"You are glorious to me!" Clare burst out. "Your mark is no more than the markings on a piebald horse or cow, an accident of skin." Then she began to laugh in sheer delight, in utter midsummer happiness. After a moment, he joined her, and the woods filled with their joy. Far off, Clare thought she heard curses and crashing in the undergrowth, as the knights toiled in their futile search and became lost, but that was nothing to Haakon and herself. Such distant striving and trouble could not touch her—nothing could.

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Jane Quinn said...

From Lost and Found - to be released this Friday, Feb. 7!!
Ellora's Cave -

But still, it had been a long time since he'd enjoyed a woman's body. Phoebe was such a hot little number, all sensual singer combined with an obvious sweetness with her friends. Just one kiss. What would that hurt? Reaching for her hands, he tugged them up to rest on his shoulders and wrapped his around her tiny waist, the firm curve flaring out to soft hips. He fought palming her ass and pressing it against his erection.

Gazing down at her, she seemed calm enough as if this happened to her all the time. It probably did if he knew Butch. Cold fury roared through him at the thought of Butch putting his hands on her. Where that came from he didn't know. Maybe Butch really cared for her, but it hadn't seemed like she returned the feelings.
Her mouth parted. She was waiting for him to make his move. Her tongue darted out moistening her lips. A woman's tongue was one of the many things that triggered his arousal. He brought his hands up to cup her face, his thumbs prodding her chin up. She pushed up on her toes until their chests touched and her fingers slid up into his hair. It all happened so naturally, so easily. And then their lips met.

Once he started, he wanted to ravish her. It had been too fucking long since he'd had a woman. But he held himself in check and softly brushed her mouth, her warm breath searing his heart.

Caressing her lips, he nibbled, sucking first her top then her bottom lip. Re-angling his head, he held her steady and kissed her like the starving man he realized he was.

Blood beat through his ears. In his head, he could hear his own tortured breathing. She made soft little sounds in her throat that sounded like arousal to him, like encouragement. Her fingers in his hair, yanking at the strands, felt like encouragement, too.

Her breasts flattened against his chest. He thought he could feel the metal at the tip, but it might just be a fantasy imagined. His right hand meandered to her waist again and inched its way up. He could answer the burning question if he could just get his hand wrapped around her breast. His thumb flicked across the nipple, and ooh-rah! There it was. A small part of the tip of his thumb sank into the center of the ring. Lord Jesus. He wanted to tongue it, catch it and worry it, and drive them both mad with desire. He caught her gasp in his mouth, and when hers opened, he swept his tongue inside.

He felt her try to wedge her arms between their bodies,

"Okay, that's enough!"

Reining himself in, he gathered her shivering body closer to his. "Sh, sweetheart. I'm sorry." He'd never said he was sorry before, and he wasn't sure why he was saying it now. She melted against him for a moment, then straightened and pushed away.

Reluctantly, he let her go. Damn it.

Gilli Allan said...

Dory drew in a sharp breath. Had he upset her? Too late now to backtrack. He’d told her the worst. ‘Don’t think I want to know. She dropped out, and as far as I’m concerned, she vanished. You’re shocked?’
Her face was crumpling again, her lovely mouth turning down at the corners, her eyes darkening to a drenched, bronzy green. ‘How could I….?’
‘Dory? I felt it important to be straight with you, but it was too much.’
‘Thank you for telling me. At least I understand….’ Her voice broke and she covered her face with her hands. He took hold of them, pulling them gently away, uncovering the tears she tried to conceal. Suddenly, without premeditation, he was kissing her. Miraculously she was kissing him back, her lips soft and damp against his. He could feel her hands tightening behind his neck, could feel the subdued pulse of the sobs, as her body grew heavy against his. They subsided along the dusty old sofa. He pulled back slightly in order to look at her, but was then impelled to kiss away the tears which still glossed her cheeks.
Her eyes were squeezed tight shut, her brow fiercely furrowed. She clung to him, pressing her mouth against his. There was no resisting her and several more moments passed in this hypnotic exchange, before she pulled back, gazed up at him wide-eyed. A stuttering sigh escaped her. She blinked several times and gave her head a shake. Stefan pushed some strands of hair back off her frowning forehead and dropped a kiss there, before asking again.
‘What is it? What’s happened?’ There was something she’d not told him. The pain in her expression wrenched at him. He went to kiss her again, but her eyes focused sharply. Abruptly she pushed away and pulled herself up straight.
‘No! I can’t deal with any of this now.’ Blinking and clinging to the arm of the sofa as if to steady herself, she muttered, ‘I need to phone for a taxi.’

Rose Anderson said...

I can't wait for this one, Jane. I wish you great success with your new Ellora's Cave release.

Barbara Mikula said...

This is a first kiss from Kaylin's Pursuit, Book 1 of the Red Hot Southern Nights Series by Skye Michaels - Coming Soon
Erotic Romance

"Don’t overthink it, Kaylin. Just lay back and enjoy. I’m going to make this a night to remember.” He brushed her hair back from her temples. He kissed her cheeks, along her jaw, and his lips burned a hot trail down the line of her long neck to her breasts. His touch was so light she wasn’t sure she felt it. Her body was still humming from her orgasm in the dungeon, and she thought that his touch was going to send her right over the edge again. She knew what she wanted this time. She shifted as she ran her fingers into his thick hair and pulled his head up. “I want you inside me this time, Jack. Please don’t make me wait.”

Other books by Skye Michaels available on, and
The LeClub Series: Calleigh’ Collar, Kelly’s Challenge, Anne’s Courage, Paula’s Commitment, Madison’s Choice and Belinda’s Crown
The Golden Dolphin Series: Ivorie’s Surprise, Harper’s Submission, Violette’s Vibrato, and Cassandra’s Revenge. Coming soon: Pandora’s Box and Hannalore’s Treasure
The Horsemen Series: The Appearance of Impropriety
WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/SKYEMICHAELSBOOKS Fan Page for covers and first chapters

Eileen Schuh: said...

This is the first kiss from FIREWALLS by Eileen Schuh--the newly released third novel in the BackTracker Series.

"Someone tapped her shoulder, making her jump. Coffee splashed over her papers on the table. “Chad!” she scolded, turning to cast him a scowl. Before she could even focus on him, he had his hands resting gently on her shoulders and was approaching for a kiss, his lids sliding down over his dark and dreamy eyes. She stood on her tiptoes, closed her eyes and waited.
Their mouths met, just as they had years ago when she’d surprised him with a kiss. This time, though, he was not pulling away but pressing in tighter. Wrapped in what felt like love, all dire thoughts about Gator, the trial, the paperwork, Calgary, drifted away. He kept his lips on hers even as he exhaled, his sweet breath brushing her cheek. He pulled her closer, his warm hands kneading her back...his touch so comforting—
The door squeaked open behind her. “Katrina, I just wanted to tell you that Gator—”
She frantically untangled herself from Chad’s embrace and turned in time to see Kindle look up from his papers. Shock washed over his face. Saying no more, he spun away, slamming the door between them.
What just happened? What just happened? She wrenched away from Chad. “You idiot!” she screamed. “Why the fuck did you do that?” She tossed her coffee at him and then, the cup. It hit his arm and crashed to the floor; ceramic splinters scuttled through brown pools of liquid..."

Amazon author page:

Eileen Schuh: said...

Ah, yes...the first kiss from the male perspective. Great scene, Gilli.

Danita Cahill said...

As always, I appreciate the opportunity to share and read excerpts from other authors. Thank you!

Excerpt from Daisies are True – A Contemporary Romantic Comedy WIP, scheduled for a 2014 release.

Guy angled his body to face her. He continued to hold one of her hands. He searched her eyes, lifted his free hand and ran the back of it down her cheek.

Laurel basked in the sensation of the gentle stroke, the feel of his skin against hers.

She had never stood in front of a man and felt more beautiful.

It was a perfect moment.


Just one thing was missing.

I wish he’d kiss me.

Guy gazed deep into Laurel’s eyes. His pupils darkened and filled with desire.

Laurel’s body tingled in response.

“I want…I need to kiss you,” Guy said.

Laurel met his molten gaze. Her lips parted, her breath hitched. She nodded.

Guy placed a hand on either side of her face and slowly bent until their noses touched. His breath warmed her mouth and chin. Her heart beat staccato and her mind went numb to everything around her except him.

Laurel closed her eyes and waited.

In slow motion Guy met her lips with his. Butterfly soft, lip touched lip. He moved a hand around to the back of her head and pulled so her mouth was firm against his. His lips moved on hers, pressing harder and with a hunger that made Laurel’s heart bang inside her ribcage.

Her lips softened, opened, giving in to Guy’s appetite.

He pushed inside her mouth with his tongue. Her tongue met his, tip touched tip, withdrew and met again, parried then played – tasting, thrusting, dancing.

Waves crashed against the shore, making background music.

Guy slowly pulled his lips away from Laurel’s.

Her breath came in rapid gasps, and she immediately missed the warmth of his mouth. Every nerve ending in her body felt like a brilliant burst of light.

Author page:

Vonna Harper said...

From Seasons Heartbeat: Spring by Vella Munn released Jan. 27, 2014

He’d laid her bare. Stripped away all the psychobabble. Spoken the truth.
The tears she hadn’t shed earlier started to fall. It didn’t matter that she was ruining her mascara.
“Easy, easy,” he muttered as he wrapped her in his arms. “Don’t think. Just feel.”
How had he gotten this wise? “I didn’t mean to—“
“Hush. It’s all right.”
She didn’t cry long. Thanks to this man she’d been able to put a great deal at rest.
“I didn’t expect that,” she admitted and pushed back a little from his strong chest. She sniffed. “Maybe it’s a combination of knowing my dock’s going to get fixed and being hungry.”
“Maybe.” He wiped under her right eye with a rough finger. “Why don’t you go inside and get a jacket? Move the chairs over to the fire. I’ll start the charcoal and get the potatoes going. I brought something for us to drink.”
Not long ago she’d been making decisions that impacted a number of people. Now she embraced the simple fact that Nate knew she was going to get cold. Despite his logical plans, however, she wasn’t ready to move away from him.
“Thank you.” She wrapped her arms around his neck, staying just far enough apart that her breasts didn’t brush him. “I guess I needed that.”
“You did.”
He was lowering his head, bringing his mouth closer to hers. Lightheaded, she rose onto her toes and met him half way. His hands slid down her back, reached the swell of her buttocks. He didn’t try to pull her closer which, maybe, was why everything felt right and safe.
Lips like the proverbial wine slid over hers. She had to tighten her hold on him to keep from swaying. Either she’d closed her eyes or it had suddenly gone dark. The only thing she knew for sure was that she was kissing a man she’d met only a few days ago and it felt absolutely, completely perfect.
As her nipples hardened, she no longer tried to keep them from touching him. He deserved to know his impact on her. The time had come for physical honesty. With his mouth still stealing her sanity, he drew her against him. She felt his body’s reaction. She arched into his erection, accepted his hardness.
Locked within the emotional cave she’d created, she slipped her tongue between his teeth. He opened his mouth a little, welcomed her. When she faltered in her exploration, he took over, filling her mouth with his own searching tongue.
She knew chaste kisses, demanded them when things were just starting between a man and herself, but everything was different tonight. The old boundaries were gone, replaced by fierce hunger. Her body ached, hurt, demanded.
Then he started to pull up on the flimsy skirt and cooling air stroked her legs. Shocked into sanity, she planted her palms against his chest and pushed back.
“Sorry,” she whispered even though she wasn’t. “I got carried away. You, ah, you were going to feed me.”

Samantha Gentry said...

First Kiss Excerpt from DEJA VU mystery romantic/suspense:

Consciously he knew he needed to back off. Intellectually he knew he didn’t dare start something that might side track him from his all-important primary agenda. But he didn’t seem to be able to stop himself from twining his fingers in her hair. He heard her quick intake of breath and saw a combination of confusion and what he hoped was desire dart through her eyes. The silky tendrils fluttered across his skin, accompanied by a tightening in his chest. His gaze dropped to her slightly parted lips, a mouth that beckoned to him. One that needed to be kissed thoroughly and often.

Gable’s grasp on his will power had been tenuous at best. In an incendiary flash, the final traces of self-control totally deserted him. He brushed his lips against hers, not knowing what to expect from her in return. There was a moment’s hesitation on her part, something more akin to surprise than uncertainty. Then he felt her soft touch on the back of his hand as it rested on her cheek. She didn’t pull away from him. It was all the encouragement he needed.

He pulled Lexi into his embrace as he lowered his mouth to hers again. It started out as a gentle kiss, one having as much of a surprisingly emotional feel to it as it did a hard rush of physical desire. Her arms wound around his neck and her mouth responded. She tasted of sweetness and passion, an enticing combination. And he wanted more.

Much more.

But years of planning and preparing could not be set aside. He had initiated his carefully worked out scheme. There would be no turning back until he had achieved his goal. Nothing…and no one…would deter him.

He threaded his fingers in her hair again. As much as he needed to get on with his own business, he was not ready to stop the delicious kiss. He came within a breath of exploring the recesses of her mouth with his tongue, of tasting the tantalizing essence of the woman who had continually intruded into his thoughts from the moment the boat delivered her to his island.

He held her tighter, caressing her shoulders and running his hand down her back. Knowing he needed to step away and put some physical distance between them pulled at him equally as strong as the knowledge that he couldn’t relinquish his hold on her.

Lexi was the one to break off the kiss, but she did not step away. The spell she cast over him had not been broken. He quickly captured her mouth again, but held the kiss for only a couple of seconds before relinquishing his hold on her. Even though he took a step backward, he couldn’t bring himself to eliminate all physical contact. He continued to clasp her hand, slowly lacing their fingers together.

DEJA VU by Samantha Gentry is available in ebook and print from the Crimson Rose line of romantic mystery/suspense at The Wild Rose Press. More excerpts and reviews available on my website

ML Skye said...

I love kisses! Thanks for the opportunity to share one from one of my alter ego's current releases, Down in Mexico.

He finally broke down and reached for her hand, holding it in his, his thumb making circular motions over her skin, sending tingles along her arm. The look in his eyes, those wicked, wonderful blue eyes, took her breath away. The naked expression and myriad of emotions in his almost undid her. As usual, when things got intense… they communicated without speaking.

Five years.



You know why.

It sucks.


I thought…

I know… you had to.

He would've spent all his time looking for her instead of the people who 'killed' her.

They both knew it.

A ghost of a smile hit his eyes.

But not anymore.


No. It's safe. You're safe.

Kiernan almost buckled, her relief palpable. "So… it worked." She waited a beat. "Took you guys long enough."

Lars laughed. And it sounded wonderful. She'd missed that almost more than anything else.

"It wasn't easy chasing down everyone in that little operation."

She could only imagine. And she didn't want to know how many they'd lost doing so. It would make her depressed.

She smiled instead… because she hadn't lost him. "God, it's good to see you." She tugged Lars forward and wrapped her arms around him.

Solid. Real. Here.

They were free.

It finally hit her.


To be together.

And she wanted him. Needed him.


Right this moment.

Five long, damn years and it all rushed back, the way she felt about him. Kiernan shoved his shirt off his shoulders then yanked her tank top over her head. Started on his shorts while he peeled hers down. Their eyes met and he hauled her to him, mouth crushing hers in a bruising kiss. He lifted her, walked the ten steps across the patio to back her up against the shingle siding, never once breaking the embrace.

* * * *
Thanks for reading!

Available from Ellipses Press via Amazon


Please drop by the website or blog and say hello!


Shawna Delacorte said...

First Kiss excerpt, IN FORBIDDEN TERRITORY contemporary romance:

She had brains and personality in addition to stunning looks. He had never been involved with a woman who had it all. Involved—that word had popped into his mind without him realizing it. Where had it come from? He certainly wasn’t involved with Angie. She was his best friend’s sister, a best friend who also happened to be his business partner. A business partner who had managed to tell him ‘‘hands off’’ without ever saying a word.

He tried to shut out the feelings coursing through him, feelings that admittedly were mostly lust. But there was a hint of something else, too. Something he couldn’t quite grasp or define. Something that made him nervous. His attention became riveted to her perfect mouth, her slightly parted lips tinted with a soft russet color. He felt himself being drawn in against his conscious will.

He leaned his face into Angie’s. It started as an innocent brushing of his lips against hers, but it ignited a burst of unbridled desire. Ty wrapped his arms around her and captured her mouth with a kiss that did nothing to hide the passion coursing through his veins. Her body stiffened in his arms followed by a moment’s hesitation.

A touch of panic invaded his reality. Had he just made the most colossal blunder of his life? Was this going to cost him more than he had anticipated? Possibly even the friendship of his best friend and business partner?

IN FORBIDDEN TERRITORY, a Silhouette Desire by Shawna Delacorte, is a Harlequin reissue in ebook available at (do search for author name Shawna Delacorte). Also available at Barnes and Noble in NookBooks and Amazon for Kindle Additional excerpts available on my website

Catherine Lorraine said...

Some Women Would Kill for A Night with a Rock Star

Available Now

Donatello held her tighter.
Clio squirmed. “Maybe you need time to recover before we jump into anything.”
“I am recovering,” he said. “This is the best way to recover I can think of.” He squeezed her tighter. “Wouldn’t it be great to wake up like this in the morning?”
He lifted her hair into a ponytail and kissed the back of her neck, then nibbled her ear as waves of pleasure passed through her body. She wriggled closer, and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her backward, with her hips against his.
“We fit together well,” he said.
She twisted to face him.
He touched his forehead to hers. He didn’t seduce her with his eyes. He traced her jaw line with his finger.
Their lips met. Donatello kissed her, slowly at first, then harder, pressing his thigh into her and sending a shock of lust up through her center and to her mouth where she could taste their need for each other.
He lifted his T-shirt over his head with one arm and grasped her with the other. He raised the bottom of her blouse and kissed her navel.
Donatello hovered over her, barely touching her at all. Clio threw her arms around him and pulled him down. She liked the weight of him on top of her. It made her feel safe.
He grasped her wrists and with forceful kisses held her to the ground. Clio trembled in his embrace.
“Okay,” she murmured. “This date is improving.”

Thanks for reading ~ Catherine Lorraine
Additional excerpts on my website

Jill Blake said...
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Jill Blake said...

Excerpt from This Time for Keeps (Doctors of Rittenhouse Square)

Available on Amazon:

This time, she hardly noticed the amenities as she and Luca stumbled through the door, lips locked, barely pausing for breath as the automatic lock snicked closed behind them. She briefly considered turning on a light, but couldn’t remember where the switch was, and then the thought faded as Luca’s lips nipped along her jaw and his teeth grazed her earlobe.

In the absence of light, her other senses took over.

Each sound became amplified. The harsh rasp of his breath. The ping of hairpins scattering on the floor as he freed her hair from its restraints. The faint strains of music filtering up from the reception below.

Each brush of skin against skin felt magnified. The tug of his fingers in her hair, exposing her neck to his lips. The scrape of his stubble along the delicate column of throat. The flick of his tongue against the racing pulse just above her collarbone.

Her hands searched blindly for something solid to hang onto, tracing the muscles of his arms and shoulders through multiple layers of fabric.

“Bella.” His voice whispered across the tops of her breasts, transforming her name into something exotic, an endearment, an entreaty.

His fingers found the hidden zipper on the side of her gown and tugged.

“Wait,” she murmured.


thanks for reading! - Jill

Eileen Schuh: said...

I especially like this phrasing: “Bella.” His voice whispered across the tops of her breasts, transforming her name into something exotic, an endearment, an entreaty..."

Jill Blake said...

Thank you!