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Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Genesis of a Book - The Appearance of Impropriety by Skye Michaels

Inspiration for The Appearance of Impropriety by Skye Michaels

I started this book over twenty years ago.  Unfortunately, both of my parents got sick and died, and I was busy with work and ended up just putting it aside and not picking it back up again.  I just didn’t have the heart for it.

In the meantime, my daughter bought me a Kindle when I was traveling on the express bus to Miami for work.  It was about a 45 minute ride and I had a lot of time to read.   While I was between jobs after reading a number of spicy erotic romances which I loved on the Kindle, I decided that “I could do that.”  If I could write contracts, notes and mortgages for all those years, I could write these stories.

I wrote the first one and immediately started a second.  I submitted the first and then the second to Siren Publishing, and they were both accepted within three weeks.  I was ecstatic and continued the six books of the LeClub Series and then branched off into the Golden Dolphin Series.

While I was between books and hadn’t decided on my next project, I decided to review Appearance.  I still loved the story but it needed a lot of updating after twenty years.  My daughter (the Goddess of Technology) straightened me out on the intricacies of email and some other techie things that had changed in a major way in twenty years and were the backdrop of the story line.   I updated and finished the story and now it is also out. 

The couple in this book, Tori and Zack, were in my head for so many years it’s like they are relatives.  She is a litigation attorney in a top Miami firm and he is an entrepreneur and polo player.  Since I have worked in the legal field as a paralegal for many years, that venue was very comfortable for me.  I love this story and hope it finds a home in other peoples’ hearts as well.

Blurb for The Appearance of Impropriety

               When Victoria Rose Aldrich de Alvarez, high-powered Miami litigation attorney and international level dressage rider, has a flat tire on the Florida Turnpike on her way to the Wellington horse show grounds, she meets handsome polo player, Zack Talbot, when he stops to help her out. 

Zack and Tori hit it off in a big way and soon find themselves in a relationship that seems to have great promise.  When Zack becomes aware that they might have a conflict of interest with regard to a case Tori is handling in which Zack’s company, Z-Tech, is the Plaintiff, he knows he is in for a rough ride.  He has already developed feelings for her and is reluctant to confront the problem, hoping it will go away before Tori or her client, the unpleasant Mr. Green, learn of it.

When Tori finds herself facing a malpractice suit and possible disbarment, can Zack salvage the situation.  Can Tori forgive Zack, and can they mend their relationship?
Author Bio

I was born in New Jersey and grew up an only child on a small farm in the “Garden State”.   My father grew acres and acres of flowers for commercial florists and various produce such as tomatoes.  My high school years were spent at Wayne Hills High School, where I was not one of the popular preppy kids, or one of the hoods - which kind of left me in limbo as I wasn’t one of the brainiacs either.    Weekends were spent going into “the City” and Greenwich Village with my friends and doing a lot of things I probably shouldn’t have - don’t tell my grandkids!  
After attending Katharine Gibbs School in Montclair, New Jersey, I began a career as a legal secretary and then a paralegal.  I moved to Florida and currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my dog, Snickerdoodles.   I  was married for eight years but have been single for many years.  My major addiction is jewelry, but any kind of shopping will do for a fix!
After my long-time job as a paralegal was ended by the economic downturn, I decided to turn lemons into lemonade and finally write the stories I’d had in my head for many years.   I had always wanted to write romance novels, but my family and job kept me too busy. 
 My major interest aside from my family and friends is horses.  I enjoy putting an animal character into my stories if possible.   I am extremely “low tech” and probably should have been born in the 1800's as I enjoy driving a horse and buggy for fun.  I also enjoy horseback riding, but the ground has gotten harder and further away over the years.  
 I have a small farm and vacation home in Ocala, Florida which is my favorite place in the world.  There’s nothing as wonderful as swinging in the hammock in the shade and listening to the music of the wind in the pines while cuddled under a quilt reading a good book.   I set my first series, the Le Club Series, in Ocala’s fabulous horse country. My second series, the Golden Dolphin Series, is a spinoff of that set aboard a luxury yacht that travels the world with occasional visits by some of the original characters. 
 Books have always been my escape into love and adventure, and through reading I have been able to be many people, do many things, and go to many wonderful places I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to be, do or see.
 I hope that all hard working women who have a moment to put up their tired feet and relax with a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) enjoy getting to meet my fantasy friends and to experience something new and different with a touch of hot romance thrown in for good measure!

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Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Good story about your inspiration, Skye. I love it that your story was in your mind for 20 years and finally became reality. Thanks for sharing your Genesis.

Rose Anderson said...

So sorry such a loss halted your writing, but I'm glad you finished it. I can picture you growing up admit fields of flowers. :) Best luck, Skye.

Kaye Spencer said...


I know exactly what you mean: "The couple in this book, Tori and Zack, were in my head for so many years it’s like they are relatives." The characters in my first book were with me a good many years, too. I had to give up horseback riding for the same reasons you mentioned. lol Darn but the ground is unforgiving when you hit it.

Barbara Mikula said...

The ground is hard, Kaye, but you should try carriage driving. It's so much fun, especially with miniature horses. They can only go so fast and they are close to the ground. Visit my fan page on Facebook, Skye Michaels Books, and see pictures of our mini's, Sorrica and Cygnet! They are adorable. - Skye

Elizabeth Shore said...

Love the bio and learning about your background, Skye!