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Friday, September 19, 2014

NEW! Tasty Genre Samples

Authors often write across genres. Today's meme offers a chance to highlight our works beyond romance.

In comments, share a blurb or excerpt up to 300 words. Be sure to add your website/blog link and one link to where your books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.

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E. Ayers said...

Bake, Love, Write: 105 Authors Share Dessert Recipes and Advice on Love and Writing

What do most authors have in common, no matter what genre they write? They love desserts. Sweets sustain them through pending deadlines and take the sting out of crushing rejection letters and nasty reviews. They also often celebrate their successes—selling a book, winning a writing award, making a bestseller list, or receiving a fabulous review—with decadent indulgences. And when authors chat with each other, they often talk about their writing and their lives. Recipes. Writing. Relationships. In this cookbook 105 authors not only share their favorite recipes for fabulous cakes, pies, cookies, candy, and more, they also share the best advice they’ve ever received on love and writing.

Authors include: Brenda Novak, Lois Winston, Debra Holland, Dale Mayer, Shelley Noble, Caridad Pineiro, Diana Orgain, Lisa Verge Higgins, Lynn Cahoon, Jasmine Haynes, Jan Carol, Meg Bellamy, Bobbi Chukran, Melissa Keir, Amy Gamet, Kristy Tate, Terry Shames, Barbara Phinney, Kitsy Clare, Raine English, Cathryn Cade, Haley Whitehall, Shilpa Mudiganti, Melinda Curtis, Jessa Slade, Jill Blake, Daryl Devore, Molly MacRae, Elizabeth Rose, Helena Fairfax, Lourdes Venard, Jessica Aspen, Maegan Beaumont, Kay Kendall, Elizabeth John, Victoria Adams, Cyndi Pauwels, Alice Loweecey, June Shaw, Donnell Ann Bell, T. Michelle Nelson, Nina Milton, Pam DeVoe, Skye Taylor, Conda V. Douglas, Pepper Phillips, Judy Alter, Cadence Denton, Lesley Diehl, Erin Farwell, Regan Walker, Kaye Spencer, Barbara Monajem, Kathleen Kaska, Catherine Kean, Rose Anderson, Suzie Tullett, Deborah Hughes, Cynthia Luhrs, Judy Baker, Alicia Dean, Leslie Langtry, Janis Susan May, Mitzi Flyte, Ruby Merritt, Renee D. Field, Kathryn Quick, Susan Cory, Judy Penz Sheluk, Kay Manis, Kathryn Jane, Debra Goldstein, E. Ayers, Chantilly White, Sloan McBride, Triss Stein, Ana Morgan, Adele Downs, L.C. Giroux, Pamela Aares, Nancy Warren, Barbara Lohr, J.J. Cook, Lynn Reynolds, Cori Arnold, B.V. Lawson, Lynn Franklin, M.L. Guida, Irene Peterson, Sue Viders, Liese Sherwood-Fabre, Susan Santangelo, Sheila Seabrook, Elaine Charton, Sharleen Scott, Kathy Bennett, Jody Payne, Reggi Allder, Ashlyn Chase, Beverley Bateman, Susan Lohrer, Donis Casey, Barbara Leavy, Stacy Juba, Karen Rose Smith.

Also available in paperback.

J. S. Eaton said...

Stavross D’Vinn is the quintessential young farm boy in love with the prettiest, and richest girl in town. His dark fate is sealed after a harmless prank goes terribly awry and he is expelled from the only home he’s ever known.
Far to the south, Tynaul and his friends search for the location of the elusive Banereaver, an ancient sword that was once the symbol of power for the Arcanian Sorcerer-Kings.
But the Arcanian Empire is crumbling; greed, sloth and corruption are tearing it apart. General Kyrar Lysis foresees this destruction, and launches a desperate plan to save his decaying Empire, a strategy in which these two disparate young men will figure prominently.

JoAnne Myers said...

"ALL FOR THE FAMILY" one story in my biography true crime, "Twisted Love".

If nineteen-year-old Molly had listened to her mother, perhaps the slender, freckle-faced felon and her now-divorced felon husband Ernie would not be sitting in a Texas prison. The way the auburn-haired Molly chose to make a new life for herself and Ernie shocked the town and became forever known as the cruelest and dumbest action one could take when one wants to do “all for the family.”
Candy will say she tried to talk her daughter out of marrying the lazy, drinking, sandy-haired, blue-eyed Ernie. But Molly was “starry-eyed head over heels in love,” or so she thought.
Molly insisted she knew the seldom-employed Ernie well enough to be his wife and allow him to be the only father her four-year-old son Matthew knew. Even though Matthew was conceived from an earlier relationship, Molly insisted that the uncouth and chain-smoking Ernie treated him respectfully. “He loves me and Matthew,” Molly would say.
After a two-month courtship, Molly married twenty-two-year-old Ernie Abbott. According to Candy, she hated Ernie and wanted everyone including Molly to know it. She told Molly she was making a drastic mistake by marrying Ernie, but her eldest daughter, insisted the two were soul mates. “He’s the one,” Molly said.
In a simple backyard ceremony with the theme of Harley Davidson motorcycles, the pair exchanged wedding vows. As if straight from the pages of American Rider, the bride wore jeans and a sleeveless Harley shirt. The groom donned black leather chaps and a vest emblazon with the famous cycle logo.
Friends and relatives surrounded the glowing couple and, happily toasted them with keg beer. A reception followed, with grilled hotdogs and burgers as the main course. They received numerous wedding gifts and money, to help them on their way to a long and happy life together…or so the giddy couple thought.

Blurb for “Twisted Love” available here:


Vijaya Schartz, author said...

Futuristic action romance - ALIEN LOCKDOWN
The year is 3033, and deep in the bowels of the underground galactic prison, something has gone terribly wrong. Rhonda Alendresis never wanted this prison job. When the civilians vanish and an earthquake damages the nuclear reactor, she must go down to repair it with Captain Perfect himself, Cole Riggeur, who always plays by the rules and never trusted a woman in his life. But deep in the underground penitentiary, the most wicked convicts in the Galaxy are loose, and a treacherous shape-shifter plans his revenge. Disconnected from the Garrison, against impossible odds, Cole and Rhonda now face their greatest challenge... trusting each other in order to survive.
$2.99 today in kindle

Michele Drier said...

Labeled for Death, An Amy Hobbes Newspaper Mystery
Suddenly the cops monitor breaks out in excited babble and Clarice stands up so fast I’m afraid she’ll pass out from the blood draining from her head. Her eyes are squinched and she’s making frantic squiggles in her notebook, so far gone she doesn’t hear me.
“Clarice, CLAR...what’s going on?”
“They’ve got an overturned grape gondola and it’s closed part of the freeway. I’m outta here...” trails behind her like autumn fog as she slams out the door.
I call Clarice’s cell, needing to talk to her as soon as possible. It’s not just a nosy question, I have to figure out how much space and play this story requires. It’s on a freeway off ramp which means part of the freeway may be blocked. They’re calling for an ambulance, which means someone’s hurt or dead. This is an incident that affects a fair number of people. We can’t just ignore it.
When she calls, it’s bad. The trailer tipped off an elevated freeway connector ramp. The truck itself fell onto the freeway lanes below, smashing two cars while most of its load of grapes spilled out on the ramp. Both roads are closed and the CHP is already on the scene, trying to direct traffic into a makeshift lane they’ve opened on the shoulder.
“I know they’ve called for a Medi-Vac helicopter. They’ll have to shut down all northbound lanes to land it.” Clarice’s voice is excited. She knows this will be a page one story.
“How many injured?”
“It looks like two injured and maybe one dead.” Her voice drops a little. “The cars smushed by the truck are pretty bad.”
“OK, Luis’s on his way. Are you somewhere you can get out?”
I hear her sigh. “Yep, I parked on the shoulder of the freeway. Once it’s opened, I can drive down to the next ramp and loop back. I’ll look for Luis. It’s going to be a while.”
I’m particularly concerned about this one and Clarice. She’s always ready to go but a couple of years ago she went out to cover a truck that slammed into an abutment of an overcrossing. It was a single vehicle accident. The truck caught fire. Gas that spilled across the freeway caught fire. The responders couldn’t get to the trucker.
Clarice listened to his screams until they stopped.
She’s told me she still hears the screams when she gets to a truck accident.

Amazon Author Page

Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed this again...had surgery a few weeks ago, and life has been a constant whirlwind ever since. (Plus had an interview come out over at the Marketing for Romance Writers blog, so was promoting that yesterday evening as well.)

I will make a point of sharing something this upcoming Friday...and I really like this meme!


Anonymous said...

E., just the thought of these recipes is making me hungry! I think it's a great idea for a book and I can't wait to read the recipes (and try some of 'em out, too).