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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo Interview: PJ MacLayne

EQ Welcomes PJ MacLayne!

The Marquesa's Neckace by P.J. MacLayne

Harmony Duprie enjoyed her well-ordered life in the quiet little town of Oak Grove—until her arrest for drug trafficking. Cleared of all charges, she wants nothing more than to return to the uneventful lifestyle of a historical researcher she once savored.

But when her beloved old car “George” is stolen and explodes into a ball of flames, it sets off a series of events that throws her plans into turmoil. Toss in a police detective that may or may not be interested in her, an attractive but mysterious stranger on her trail, and an ex-boyfriend doing time, and Harmony’s life freefalls into a downward spiral of chaos.

Now she has to use her research skills to figure out who is behind the sinister incidents plaguing her, and why. And she better take it seriously, like her life depends upon finding the right answers.

Because it might.

Lots of people write about the beauty of the ocean on a clear and cloudless day, when the sun sparkles on the water. I find beauty in the stormy ocean, with the water being tossed about by both waves and wind, crashing against the rocks thrusting from the bottom. This picture is a poor representation of what standing on the shore during a winter storm looks like.

I collect wild flowers. No, I don't pick them and take them home, only to have them die a day or two later, I take pictures of them so their beauty is preserved for years. I have no idea how many pictures of flowers I have, taken in various places throughout the United States. Here's one such picture, taken in the mountains of Colorado this July. And before you ask, I have no idea what the name of these flowers is. I'll leave it to someone else to identify them.

Many of us have seen pictures of redwoods as they reach to the sky. Sometimes, due to natural events, they crash to the ground.  When they do, their roots are often pulled from the ground. So here's a picture of redwood roots for those of you who have never seen them. And to give you an idea of the size, an average person standing in front of these roots would only be half as tall. I apologize for the graininess of this picture, it was taken on old-fashioned film and scanned to my computer a few years later.

I love the mountains. There's not a lot more that I can say than that. It doesn't matter what the weather is, the mountains feed my soul. Picking just one picture of the mountains to share was almost impossible. I changed my mind several times. So here's one.

It seems fitting to end this with a sunset. Yes, it was taken in the mountains.

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JoAnne Myers said...

The photos are beatiful and the book sounds wonderful. good luck with both.

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Loved those photos. I'm like you with taking photos of flowers. On our recent vacation, I found lots of gorgeous, full flowers. I also love to take photos of arches in cathedrals or the Coliseum in Rome, ancient places like that. I'm not quite sure why these particular items are favorites of mine. Good post!

P.J. MacLayne said...

Thanks for the opportunity to share these photos. Picking only five pictures from my collection was hard. I'm lucky enough to have a husband who has an eye for photography, and he took most of the pictures above. But the one of the flowers was was definitely mine!