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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Blog Party!

Are you an author who also blogs? Today's meme invites readers to our blogs and websites to see what else we've been writing. 

In comments, share your blog topics for the week and website/blog link, then scroll through the participants and do some visiting yourself.  Have fun!

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Peggy Jaeger said...

9/3/15: 10 things I should have said better…if I’d only stopped to think first
9/1/15 Reflections of Diana
8/31/15 Dream a Dream...wish a wish
8/30/15 Is writing all you do?
8/29/15 My Sexy Saturday 107

Lots' of stuff...lot's of stuff!

Sophia Ryan said...

I don’t blog, but I enjoy visiting other writers’ blogs, especially if I’m going to learn something about writing. One blog that’s always a source of knowledge is Writer Unboxed. Today Anna Elliott is talking about Story Glue. Here’s a snippet:

“Raising questions in the readers’ minds that don’t get immediately answered is a huge component of story glue. Hint at some sort of mystery in the first few pages of a book – doesn’t even have to be mystery, strictly speaking, just something that makes me curious – and I’m much more likely to stay with the story.”

This week alone, WU bloggers have talked about The Steps of Writing, Rekindling Your Motivation, and Getting Over the Hump. Check them out at!

Also check out Sophia Ryan Books!

stanalei said...

I have a blog where I mostly repost links to favorite writing tips but here's a blog I posted that really hit a spot with those who visited.

Sophia Ryan said...

That was wonderful, Stanalei! This part resonated with me: the real juice of life, whether it be sweet or bitter, is found not nearly so much in the products of our efforts as in the process of living itself, in how it feels to be alive.

Jude Knight said...

Every Wednesday, I invite authors to join me in WIP Wednesday, blogging 7 or so lines on a theme. This week, it was danger, and I posted my run-away coach scene from GingerBread Bride.