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Friday, September 4, 2015

First Lines Friday!

The first lines of a story can be a powerful hook to capture the imagination.

In comments, tempt us with the first three lines of any chapter. Don't forget your buy link and website/blog link. Have fun!

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E. Ayers said...

Unedited from an upcoming holiday novella

E. Ayers

Panic rushed through Celine like iced water. She didn't want to lie, but she had to somehow help Frank remember the feelings he had for her. For over three long, grueling weeks, she had managed to keep up the farce of being Frank's wife.

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Kathy L Wheeler said...

From The Price of Scorn - book iv: Cinderella's Evil Stepmother
by Kae Elle Wheeler

LADY HILDEGARD BERGENOIR SIMMON ROCHE blinked and tried to bring the images on the ceiling into focus. Her head pounded with another megrim. They seem to becoming more frequent of late.


Vijaya Schartz, author said...

From ASLEEP IN SCOTTSDALE just released today (romance with a hint of suspense)
Stephanie barged down the flowery aisle of St Patrick’s church in her taffeta Vera Wang wedding gown. Her fiery green eyes glared at Kyle.
“Steph, what the hell?”
She halted a few paces from him and threw her bouquet at his face.
Vijaya Schartz
Blasters, Swords, Romance with a Kick

Nancy said...

From Once Upon A Dream.... Book 2 in the Indigo Spring Series Contemporary Cowboy Romance...
Jason Malone pushed his hat lower on his head. The dry ground churned beneath the hooves of the cattle herd releasing a thick, heavy cloud of smoke. Riding drag was nobody’s idea of a fun job, but it suited his mood today.