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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Peek!

The Sunday Peek is an opportunity to get a buzz going for your soon-to-be released or re-released novel.  

Post a tempting 300-word snippet from your most recent endeavor. Be sure to add your website/blog link, a release date if you have one, and one link to where your other books can be found. Example: Your Amazon Author's Page.
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E. Ayers said...

Working Title: Mariner's Cove Christmas
E. Ayers


It happened so fast. Celine screamed.
Having watched Frank being ejected from his bike and seeing his body fly through the air before crashing into the glass panes of Shelby's antique store sent a chill through her that held her paralyzed for a split second before sending her into motion and running towards Frank almost unaware of the chaos that had not ended. Glass was everywhere as she stepped through the window to reach Frank.
Sirens sounded in the distance and Mrs. Shelby grabbed Celine's arm. "Don't touch him, darling. The paramedics will be here in just a moment."
"Frank!" She choked on sobs. "Frank. Oh please, Frank, don't die." She wanted to hold him in her arms and kiss him, not stand in a puddle of broken glass in Shelby's antique shop. But with the tight grip Mrs. Shelby had on Celine's arm, she knew she couldn't do a thing.
Ice was circulating in her body and she fought the foggy sensation that threatened to suck her into a gray whirlpool. Seconds seemed like forever. "Why aren't they here? He's going to die."
"No, CeCe, stop that. He's been knocked unconscious. I'm sure the blood you are seeing is from coming from all that glass. He was wearing a helmet. He'll be fine. Calm down. He's not going to die." Mrs. Shelby patted Celine on the back. "You know him?"
"Yes. It's Frank Cresson."
"Someone you met at Crabby's?"
Celine shook her head. "Not exactly. It's not what you are thinking. His cousin lives here and he's staying on his family's boat. He's buying a house here in Mariner's Cove."
"Who's his…"
The paramedics arrived and a police officer came to Celine. "Please, CeCe, would you mind stepping out here. We need to talk to you."
"I don't want to leave Frank."

Come meet the Brooklyn Family in MARINER'S COVE
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Peggy Jaeger said...

release date 9/23/15 - available now on

“Have you ever been friends with a girl before?” she finally asked.
“Yes. Friends.”
“Have a beer and shoot some pool friends? Or the kind with benefits?”
She laughed out loud, shook her head and grinned. “Have you ever been friends with a girl without having sex mixed into the equation?”
“Not since I was sixteen,” he admitted and then felt his neck heat. “Why?”
She cocked her head again. “It’s no secret I’m attracted to you, too. I think my reaction to the way you kissed me proves it.”
“Why am I hearing a ‘but’?”
Her lips twitched at the corners. “But I don’t jump into bed with a man because I’m attracted to him.”
“I never thought you did.”

“Good to know.”
He cocked his head.
“So, what’s being friends got to do with anything?”
Clarissa sighed and settled back against the doorframe.
“Can I be honest?”

“I would hope so.”

“I’ve been hearing about your reputation with women since I moved here, and I’m not looking to be the flavor of the week.”
He stared at her for a second as hurt washed through him. “When you say honest, you don’t pull any punches.”

James D said...

From my next book, DREAM WEDDING (release date 10/20/15 - available now for preorder!)

Standing there, backlit by the lights of the parking lot, is a teenage girl. She’s tall, with blonde hair and she’s wearing red wire-rimmed glasses. I know her very well. It’s Denise Miller. One of Ben and Stephanie’s classmates.
I feel my heartbeat begin to speed up. She’s also the girl that Ben was out with tonight, a study date at the library, to be followed by a quick snack and then home. Denise is shaking and breathing rapidly. I can see that the only reason she’s not crying is that she’s already cried all the tears she’s got. She opens her mouth to speak, but she can’t get any words to come out.
What could have happened between her and Ben that would leave her in this state? He’s so much like his father - the kindest, most gentle boy I can imagine. There is nothing – absolutely nothing - he could have done to make her cry.
And now my breathing is getting shallower, matching hers. What if he didn’t make her cry? What if something happened to him that made her cry?
Oh, God, I hope I’m wrong. I have to be wrong.
She grabs my arm and begins pulling me out into the parking lot, towards the car. Towards my Mom’s old Toyota, the car we’ve more-or-less given to the twins. The car Ben was driving tonight on their date. I’m only two steps out the door and I know I’m not wrong.
The dome light is on, and even from this distance, probably twenty feet away, I can see someone lying in the back seat, unmoving. Unconscious.
I know. I’d know from a hundred feet away, or a thousand. It’s Ben. It’s my son.

Dream Wedding on Amazon

Hywela Lyn said...

From my forthcoming novel BELOVED ENEMY continuing the 'Destiny Trilogy' coming soon from The Wild Rose Press

(Unedited excerpt)

His expression froze as his gaze homed in on the insignia on her breast pocket, his eyes like chips of blue ice. ‘You’re working for the Alliance!’

‘I work for myself.’

‘Then why are you wearing the insignia of the Global Alliance of Earth And Allied Planets?’

‘I have a license to requisition any enemy ship trespassing in the sectors of space over which they hold dominion.’

‘A licensed pirate in the pay of the Alliance,’ Kerry’s eyes showed outright contempt. She almost preferred the icy coldness.

‘I prefer to think of myself as a freelancer — doing a service.’

His expression did not change, although he did change tack. ‘You could have left me to die — or just shot me. Why didn’t you?’

‘Call it a personality flaw. I don’t like abandoning someone to save my own skin. And I don’t kill in cold blood. If I have to shoot someone, I’d rather they were facing me, with their eyes open.’

(Even if I did swear to leave their dead body for the Alliance to use in their hideous experiments. Keep it casual. Don’t let him guess what’s really in your mind.)

To her amazement, he smiled, the most devastating smile she had ever seen, and made even more remarkable because he didn’t look as if he did it very often.

‘My own philosophy as it happens. It seems almost a pity we are on opposite sides.’

‘Opposite sides?’

‘I have no love for the Alliance. That puts us on opposite sides, even if you are just a pirate, doing their dirty work for them.’

She gave him her best withering look. ‘Fine. And just because I decided to save your hide, don’t get any ideas. We don’t have to like each other.’

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Margo Bond Collins said...


This is not a love story.

It's been over two thousand years since I walked these shores, and even then, the man who broke my heart was centuries gone, sailed away into death—the last journey into yet another land where I will not follow.

Truth be told, though, he left me long before he died, gone away to rejoin a wife he hadn't seen in twenty years, to reclaim a rocky, wind-swept island for a son he barely knew.

Gone home, to spin stories about his absence like his wife spun his death-shroud—picking out the stitches at night and reweaving them anew to postpone the inevitable moment when the stories wear thin and you find the monsters have been in your home all along, posing as suitors who would win your heart.

The poets lie, you know. They say our songs seduce the sailors, draw them into the ocean to drown.

But if the ocean sings to them, it is not our doing—no more than the earth's call to us is theirs.

And Odysseus never tried to resist.

Available on Amazon:

Author Page:

Jude Knight said...

Gingerbread Bride is one of seven novellas in the forthcoming Mistletoe, Marriage, and Mayhem, from the Bluestocking Belles.

There was the post boy, sitting on the side of the road rubbing his head. The assailants had disappeared. Rick didn’t have time for them, anyway, and the post boy would have to fend for himself.

Somewhere, off in a compartment of his brain, was the urge to beat the stone throwers, to wail to the sky his fear for Mary. He allowed the emotions to lend him strength and separate him from his pain, but he had no time to pay further attention. Mary needed him.

His best chance was to leave the road; something galloping from behind would panic the team even more. If he could come up beside them, he might have a chance.

He set the hired horse at the first gate he saw, and thanked all the powers of heaven that the beast had a jump in it. More than one, for it gamely soared over several stone walls and hedgerows as they slowly gained on the post chaise.

In glimpses, as the ground on his side of the hedge rose, or as the hedge thinned, he saw his quarry. What was Mary doing? Climbing onto the luggage compartment at the front of the carriage? Did she have any idea how dangerous that was? Of course she did, but he’d be a fool to expect her to wait patiently in an out-of-control chaise bounding towards disaster. It was like her to climb out to see what she could do. She must have concluded there was nothing, for she edged backwards and disappeared again, but not before his brain had recorded an image of her legs that he knew would keep him awake many a fevered night.

Idiot. This was no time for lust. He needed a gate or a low point to get back onto the road at the horses’ heads.

Anonymous said...

A Year of Summer Shadows
Riverton Road Romantic Suspense Series – Book 2
Mark & Hailey’s Story
By Alice Orr

Mark Kalli was the last person Hailey expected to see at Hargate House. Virginia and her world could hardly be more opposite from the world of Mark and his family. Virginia valued social position and influence. Those things had no value for Mark. Hailey knew that because she’d been watching him for a long time, though always from a distance.
She couldn’t risk him noticing her because he was the most dangerous person she knew. The danger was the way he made her feel. Those feelings refused to leave, and they were almost entirely physical. Yet, they’d never touched. They’d barely ever spoken.
Meanwhile, he hardly noticed her now. She reminded herself that was what she wanted. If he caused her this much turmoil by just being in her line of sight, how much worse would it be to have him return her attention? Hailey knew all too well, from watching her own mother since Hailey’s dad died, what a mistake it was to let a man send you tumbling out of control.
Virginia was a few feet away, probably already observing Hailey’s disturbed state of mind. Virginia observed everything, especially anything out of the ordinary. Whatever expressions had darted across Hailey’s face in the past few seconds, along with the way her body turned instantly taut, were out of the ordinary for her.
Virginia would take note of that and file it away for future use. That’s what Virginia did, unlike Mark who, as always, hardly seemed to be aware of Hailey’s presence. His dark eyes were narrowed, like she’d seen them become on other occasions, as if he was studying the scene in front of him through a high-powered telescope. Thank heaven she wasn’t in front of that lens, though he was definitely in front of hers.

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